Thursday, September 27

Happy Anniversary! . . . and other news

Yesterday was a very special day. Jeff celebrated his second year with nF. We are so excited and are looking forward to more years to come. Jeff sent me a fwd with a message from the president of the company. This message was very sweet and was reassuring that they are looking forward to more years with Jeff on their team. It also mentioned the fact that we will most likely be in Phx one day, but the timing is just not right these days. He told me last night that they sent him a bunch of balloons yesterday. It was neat. I know he feels good to be with such an incredible company. We are so blessed and thankful to God for opening the door to nF! Now, I have yet to meet these wonderful people and, in fact, his boss is in town today but as usual, he will be leaving after work to head back to Phx.

In other news, we had an OB apt today and scheduled our surgery to be on Nov. 15th. The ball is rolling! Ahh!!! That officially brings the number of days until we get to hold him to 49! That is seven weeks from right now. Wow. Woohoo!

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Rebecca said...

I'm glad that Jeff likes his job so much. That is a blessing.

49 days!! That is so close. I know that you are so excited!!