Thursday, August 30

Mini Van

Alright folks! A few months ago, we were thinking about the idea of a minivan. Just thinking about it. We went to a couple of dealerships and looked at a few, even test drove one. And then we knew what to expect. At that time, we decided that it just wasn't the right time to get one and eventually we would know the right time. We've been keeping our eyes open this summer, while at the same time, taking care of a few things. Then recently a friend of ours from church came to us. He works for one of the dealerships we had visited. He asked us how things were going and wanted to know what had come of our search. He wanted to meet with Jeff to see what they could do for us. Tuesday night last week, Jeff went in and we were not expecting to be able to get one just yet, that we would have to wait a little longer, but he wanted to help. When Jeff came home, he told me that he didn't have bad news. We couldn't believe that we were going to be able to get one! We just didn't realize that it would be so soon! He told me about the one he had seen and we would later look at, but he was hoping to get us a red one. Thursday night, after Jeff got home, we had dinner and went to check out the van that he had seen Tuesday night. Oh, I might add that they were having a great big tent sale last week as well! When we showed up, there was our friend, walking over to us and waved us toward a beautiful red van. It didn't click with me, but this was the van that our friend wanted us to check out. And Jeff hadn't seen it. By the end of that night, we had gone home inside that thing! I thought we were just going to test drive and think things over again! Not once Thursday did I think we would have a van sitting in our driveway that night. I wanted to have a picture to post on here, but that will have to wait. We'll take that this weekend. I have been in unbelief and that is why I posted that last week, I just kept thinking that something would come up that we wouldn't be able to keep it! I guess we are on an uphill! WOW, I'm a minivan-driving soccer mom now! (Oh, and for another post to some soon, Jonathan is supposed to be starting soccer within the next week!)
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 27


I've Been Tagged!!!! Actually I've been tagged by two people (so far). I went to check out my sister's blog (Tereasa) and found that I'd been tagged! And then at another friend's blog, she had tagged me with a different one! It's been a busy week of apts. and school and other things. Blogging has had to go on the back burner, but I've been slowly working on some posts. Hopefully soon, I can get to my other tag list. I hope you enjoy this list! I enjoy reading them, and then putting them together. (Thanks!)

1) high school - senior year
2) planning for college
3) working at a bank
4) youth group
5) being a kid

1) muddy buddies!
2) dark chocolate
3) trail mix
4) crackers and cheese
5) nachos

1) This World is Not My Home
2) Twinkle Little Star
3) Jesus Loves Me/Loves the Little Children
4) Books of the Bible
5) Love You Forever

1) Give to the church
2) Pay off all debt
3) Invest
4) Donate to a children's home
5) Help family

1) Not reading enough
2) Not doing the fun things enough
3) Sweets!
4) Perfectionism
5) TV

1) be a mom
2) spend time with family
3) spend time with friends
4) think of fond memories, and making them
5) dream about the future

1) my high school formal
2) high heels
3) rompers
4) shoulder pads
5) lots of bangs and matted so high!

Amanda P (Jeremy and Amanda)
Amanda T

Just wondering...

Okay, I just got off the phone with a preschool that Adie had been on the wait list for. They've got an opening! However, I've discovered this summer that the preschools here do not accept children who have not been potty trained. I don't really understand that. Everywhere else we have lived, we've been able to find terrific preschools to get Jonathan into! The first one we had him in, he wasn't potty trained yet and that was no problem! The second, I knew that in the younger classes, it would have been no problem either. In fact, we nearly had Adie going last fall! I'm more than thrilled to be spending time with my daughter, but she is anxious to go to school! She wants to be like her big brother. It would be nice if we could find what Lubbock and Belton had. I guess we'll just have to wait till next year. Oh to find a group of moms who stay home with their children to get some good kid time for our daughter. I guess that is my next mission!

Friday, August 24

Is this real?

Don't have time to really write, 15 minutes till we gotta get Jo. But, right now, there is a beautiful red caravan sitting in our driveway. All I can say is, "Is it for real? Surely something is going to come up and we won't get to keep it." Is it real, or too good to be true?

Monday, August 20

??Bad Luck?? ~ Happiness found where the Ranch is made ~ Hidden Valley!

Long title, I know. Stick with me, I think it will make sense.

Instead of doing what I really should be doing right now, that is cleaning, organizing, and MORE cleaning, I've decided to actually take a break and write a little today. So, what's this about the bad luck and Hidden Valley? It's a story about our weekend. We don't really believe in "bad luck" but I've got to tell you that if there ever was a bad luck day in our life, last Friday was it. We got Jo off to school just fine, but after that... Well, lets just say maybe this heat has just gone on a little too much! Adie and I were both irritable and cranky most of the day. She refused to take a real nap and was just in one of those moods. We got to see Jeff for lunch and he said that things just weren't going too peachy at work that day (things are fine, it was just one of those days there too). We all tried to settle down that afternoon. When Adie and I picked up Jo, he seemed to be in a bad mood as well, but we all tried to get around it. Since it was Friday (we have decided that we would do something fun every Friday night, and not worry about bed time either), we decided to go to one last baseball game. We got ready and headed out. When we got to the ball-park, it was packed! Getting the tickets, they told us that there was lawn seating available so we thought that would be fun. Both kids were really looking forward to another game and so we went for it anyway. As soon as we walked through the gate, it became pretty apparent that we would have a difficult time finding a seat! It was crazy! After walking around for 30 minutes trying to find the lawn seating we were informed about, there was nothing available. We didn't know what to do! Everyone was ready to find a place to relax, ready to eat (yes, we waited until the game to eat - and the game didn't start until 7), and just wanted to end a frustrating day with something fun for the family. That was obviously not going to happen, so Jeff and I made the decision to go ahead and leave, we'd try again the next day. By the time we got back to the car, it was 8 and both kids were so sad. We finally found something to eat (late night, I know) and got the kids home and into bed. Just ended the day and wanted to try again "tomorrow." Oh, and I was wanting a Taco Salad from Taco Bell that night so Jeff was very sweet to head out and get one. One car in front of him...he pulled up to make his order and instead of hearing, "Welcome to Taco Bell, can I take your order?" he heard, "We just closed" What!? It wasn't even 10:00 yet! Hmmm... So, not everything went the way any of us wanted (okay, and so maybe a little more planning would have helped - we like to be spontaneous now and then!)...but then came the Hidden Valley.

After a meeting that morning for Jeff and me, we headed out to the ball park. We were going to buy tickets early for the game that night. All seats were sold out, but there was lawn seating available again! Ha! We learned that lesson "last night." Well, there are more games available at the end of the month, so there is the planning we made - two weeks from this past Friday, we will make it to our last game of the year. Whew! Got that done. Now, to just concentrate on now, do something fun for now. We kind of wanted to make up for the crummy day we had just had. Well, we figured something out and went out on a drive. We kind of got lost actually! It was quite funny though. We headed out to MO and found ourselves in exploring mode. We were looking for a street and kept seeing signs for it, but they weren't very clear. On one road, Jeff and I were talking and enjoying just being together and laughing at all the previous events. We ended up in a beautiful area, and still inside KC, but it didn't look like city at all. It was a beautiful area, lots of amazing homes, large lots, probably a few ranches out there. We'd love to live there. It was so great, it was like a "hidden valley!" We even kind of joked about it being the Hidden Valley. But we began to think we were going down the wrong road and thought we should turn around. By now, the kids had fallen asleep. But shortly after turning around, Jo woke up and asked where we were. Jeff and I looked at each other and said, "Hidden Valley." Finally, we came to an intersection and looked to see what the name of the streets were to try and find the one we were originally looking for. We could not believe what we read. The street we had been driving on, was indeed ~ Hidden Valley. Perspective came back to us and we realized that our drive down through the Hidden Valley, just getting back down on the ground, we had found our true happiness. It doesn't matter how much "bad luck" one may experience, how many or few things don't go our way. God has a "hidden valley" tucked away for us all to gain our perspective back.

Friday, August 17

School Dayz! and the Zzzz...

Well, this week has been quite busy! We've been working on our new routine and getting settled into that. We've got some getting used to this one! Then in a few months, it will all be changed again with the baby coming! The first day of school was good. Jonathan was both excited and nervous - the nervous that I think everyone has before their first day of something. He went shining though. In the picture in the previous post, he was just waiting to get in the car. When I saw how it turned out, it meant so much more than just waiting to me. It was our son looking to the future! A new chapter had begun. When he came home on Wednesday, we sat in the kitchen and had a snack, talking about his day. It was great and a tradition that I hope we've started. Yesterday morning was a little more difficult. We've got to work on our Wednesday night schedule. The kids went to bed late and Jo didn't want to get up! He actually said, "I need more time to wake up!" He has never said that! What a change! When we picked him up, his teacher was very quick to say that he is doing great and is a model student. We are so proud of him! This morning went a little more smoothly than yesterday, but the wake up times are definitely more difficult on us all! We will get better at it. We are so thankful that it is Friday and we have the weekend to rest (well sort of) and we can celebrate making it through the first week of school!
Adie and I are just about to walk out the door to go register Jo for soccer! That will be some fun stories coming up at the end of August (I think that is when it starts)! I've been super tired at night this week and just haven't had the time to get on and write about all I've had on the mind, but hopefully tonight or maybe tomorrow. I was asleep by 9:15 last night! Whew!
Until next time!...

Wednesday, August 15

A new chapter has begun...

Our trip to NM was an awesome ending to our summer! Now, a new chapter has begun and our new adventure is well on its way! Adie and I dropped Jo off at his first day of school nearly three hours ago and we are doing pretty good. It is great to be back from our trip and I'm excited to get all the pictures uploaded to the album. We were also able to meet a new nephew! Let me just say that last week was the week of cousins for Jo and Adie. It was fantastic. Adie and I are about to get lunch ready and then we will do some girl things. We've been unpacking some boxes down in the garage and that is moving along great - we are nearly done with all of them! Can't wait to have some time to write all I've got on the mind. So many things to blog about...

Until next time!

Friday, August 3

Packing Day!

Well, today is the day. We PACK!!! The kids have been going nuts all week. Both so ready to go. Very antsy! Me too! Jeff has been looking forward to a vacation from work and I think the week has been rather long for him. He's been saying he's ready all week long. Lots to do today!
We better get to work.
Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 2

Just a few thoughts

I wanted to get this down before we leave on our trip. We have a book that has a great poem in one of the chapters. For now, just the poem, but when we get back, more on these thoughts to come.

Do You Just Belong?

Are you an active member
The kind that would be missed,
Or are you just content
To have your name on the list?

Do you attend the meetings
And mingle with the flock,
Or do you stay at home instead
And criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part
To help the work along?
Or are you satisfied
To be a "just belong"?

Do you ever go and visit
With the members who are sick,
Or leave the work to just a few,
And talk about the "clique"?

Think this all over, member,
You must know right from wrong,
Are you an active member
Or do you just belong?

Author unknown

Wednesday, August 1

Just a random blog, rambling on

Well, it is nap time, so I thought I'd get on and say hello and hopefully stop by to see some friends. :) It's a little sticky outside today so we are staying in mostly. We headed out to the stores today to get a few things. We are getting ready for a trip out of town Saturday and we are so excited! We picked up a few flashlights. We are going to be at a camp for three days and we will need the flash lights as soon as the sun starts going down. I was lucky enough to find two flash lights that were favorites to Jo and Adie! He is still so into cars and we found one that is from the Disney movie. She absolutely loves princesses and we found one with that too! It was fun to get those for the kids. We are gearing up for quite a week of fun. Some people are going to be bring instruments, so Jeff and I are taking the guitar and the dulcimer. We are not great players, but we love to have fun with them! Tuesday night, everyone will be getting there. Wednesday night, we'll have a devo. Thursday night is, I guess you could say "tallent" night. That should be interesting. Maybe more of a jam night! I'll write about it when we get back. And then Friday after breakfast, everyone heads out. We will be making our way back toward KS, hopefully we'll make it home at a reasonable time Saturday evening. I'm looking forward to seeing my family, Jeff is looking forward to seeing everyone as well. There are 6 young ones who will all enjoy seeing each other and two are very new to the whole group! My neice and nephew. Jo and Adie haven't met them yet and they are so excited to! Oh, I just can't wait! This will be so much fun! I've got the digital camera emptied out and ready for tons of great pictures. We've got our list of things to pack up. I'll be making trail mix today or tomorrow. We'll be packing everything up tomorrow and loading up the car on Friday, leaving as early as possible Saturday morning! We'll see how early that is!
So that is it for now. More when we return.