Monday, September 24

Mommy, will you write a story about this?

I love our little Jo! Saturday evening, we were out back pulling weeds and Jo asked me to "write a story" about our time. He calls blogging, writing a story.

Jo decided that we were harvesting corn. It was fun pretend for all of us. He was getting ready to cook all of that corn for us and was so excited about it all! I think Adie was getting ready to make it soup. She kept adding the wood chips and stiring it around. They were both being so cute about it all! I'm glad we got those weeds pulled, it is looking nicer out there. Hopefully this week, I can get some mums and bring some color to the yard.

I had some flowers earlier this summer, but the heat really killed it all. We have a flower pot outside our living room window, but Jeff had to get on a ladder and take it down for us to plant in. It was very heavy too. I wasn't too excited about him pulling it down again, so we've just left it. Lately, the temps have cooled down and we've had a few rain showers and the flowers are blooming again! I think they are impatients. It is nice to look out our window and see the pretty colors again. :)

Friday, the kids and I went out on a drive. We headed out to MO and did a little looking around for a place called the Red Barn Farm. It sounds very similar to the Dewberry Farm we went to last year! Well, our search was unsuccessful, but I'll find it on line and get a map. Hopefully this Saturday we can take a family trip out there! That will be so fun! However, our drive was still enjoyable and we did find something that will be cool this winter, if I can just remember that I saw it! There is a place for skiing and tubing. It looked like a place our youth group went to a few times while I was in high school. I would love for us to take a snow trip this year and show the kids some real snow fun! We'll see!

Jo is doing quite well in school; in classes AND socially! Apparently there are at least a couple of girls that really have taken a liking to him! I don't know if you could say it is a crush, but it sure is aweful cute! And, the best part of all, Jo is oblivious! There is one girl, Elizabeth, that drew him several pictures last week. She drew several hearts and wrote both of their names and put them in circles together. On one page, she wrote his name several times and even put one in a heart! When Jeff saw them, he thought they were cute, then it hit him, they were from one girl! He looked at me and said, "This is more than I got the entire time I was in school!" I then told him not to worry, I wrote our names together many times and put his name in hearts a lot while we were dating. ;) We both chuckled a little. Oh, *sigh*, our baby boy is in school! Ahh!!! I'm just glad that he's more worried about doing good in his classes than impressing the girls.

Adie has made a step since she turned 3 Thursday! We took the binki away completely. She had only been using it when she was in bed (naps and night). Now, she is totally binki free. These days have been so much better than I geared up for. She has accepted it so well! Thursday morning after she woke up, we got all of her binkis and put them in a box. She is such a giving little girl and so caring, we came up with something that might make the initial part easier. After getting them into the box, she was very curious and asked what the binkis were doing. We told here that we were sending them to the "binki factory." Here they would fix the binkis up and make them brand new for other babies. Then she said, "For baby Alex?" She was okay with them going away, as long as they would be getting ready for baby Alex. She periodically asks where they are and makes sure that baby Alex will get his. Such a sweetie! Adie's birthday was a lot of fun. This year was the year of just family celebrations. It was nice to have a quiet year of parties and not a lot of big planning. Adie and I did work together to make her a castle cake. A new experience for me and so much fun for her! We've got pictures, and I'll be posting several soon.

Speaking of baby Alex. We've got about 8 more weeks! I'll be discussing the time with our doc this week. It's wierd that we are this close. I'm so ready to be done, my bones and ligaments have been hurting pretty bad for a while now and I'm just ready to hold him. He is very active though! We've had several ultrasounds the last few weeks and he's been breech a couple of weeks. He likes to jump on the bladder a lot! I've also been having some heart burn, supposedly that is supposed to mean lots of hair! I didn't experience that much heart burn with Jo or Adie, and they both had so much hair! Hmmm...what could that mean for Alex? We've also been wondering what kind of little boy he's going to be. Jo was always extremely active when any kind of music was going on, especially singing at church. And we all know his love for music now! Adie seemed at times to do Jazzercise in utero and she is quite the acrobat now! Alex has been active, but so so so different from the others. He seems to move more when there is nothing else going on and it is quiet. We are excited to meet him and get to know who God has created him to be!

Oh, goodness. There is just so much to write about! Jo is still thoroughly enjoying soccer, Adie even wants to get in on the action now! Jeff and I have been very active with the church and we met with the education team on Saturday. Things are going well, just incredibly active!

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Amanda said...

Your family is so precious! Do you realize how long it's been since we've seen each other?? I sure do miss you my Sendy friend.