Friday, September 14

Already the 14th?!

I can't believe that we are half way through September already. Today is the first time in several days that I don't have to run somewhere or do something (well, until tonight, and I'll be taking something to Jo's class after lunch). Jo is really enjoying soccer, we all are actually! He's had three practices and the first game is tomorrow morning! I do have pictures, just need to get them on. Adie is doing good, she misses playing with Jo, but she's getting used to it. She is also ready to be 3! We are doing a castle cake for her and she has been asking me if we can go ahead and make it, she's ready for her birthday! It's quite adorable. Alex is getting bigger everyday and he moves so much! We'll be holding him so soon, I can't wait.
Well, I've got to get off now. Time to cuddle with Adie and just enjoy the cooler day and get ready for the weekend.
Hopefully I can write more next week.

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Rebecca said...

I'm glad that everyone is enjoying soccer. I bet Jonathan is so cute, I can't wait for pictures. Enjoy your time with Adie!