Wednesday, September 26


Alright, so it's been a while since I posted pictures and I've needed to for a while. I post a few here, but I'm going to be making full albums at our new shutterfly account. The link is over on the right side under family albums. I'll try to get them all over today. I've got a little time to do this, it's nap time and I've got a lasagna in the crockpot!

Here are a few pictures from Jo playing soccer so far...

Their coaches are great men. Everyone is there to just have a bunch of fun!

And here is a picture from Adie's birthday. We didn't have a big party, it was just the four of us, but Adie was the princess for the day!

Happy Birthday Adie!

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Rebecca said...

Wow Adie looks so big. I'm glad she had a good birthday. I hope Jonathan is enjoying soccer. :)