Monday, September 3

God's Amazing World

We were extremely priviledged to witness an amazing transformation in God's creation recently. We did not see everything happen, but we saw each stage and it was incredible! A couple of weeks ago, a caterpillar climbed it's way up the wall that makes our driveway. The next day, Jo saw it in the last stages of making the chrysalis. He was ecstatic! We watched it day by day and about a week later, we saw this chrysalis moving! We didn't think to sit there and watch it, we didn't know how long it would take for the butterfly to emerge. However, within an hour, walking back outside, we saw a beautiful brand-new butterfly sitting next to the empty chrysalis! It was gorgeous! During that time, I saw another caterpillar do the same thing and I actually saw this one flapping it's wings slowly and climbing up the wall. They both had a fuzzy look and the colors were so vibrant. We are so thankful to God that we were able to witness his hands at work.

This one was the second one that I saw later on.


Tereasa said...

Wow. The pictures are wonderful!

We had a butterfly garden for homeschool last year. It was so much fun to watch the transformation of the catterpillars. It's amazing to see how quickly they grow from tiny larvae into beautiful butterflies! We actually sat for hours one day and watched the chrysalides form! Amazing!

Rebecca said...

That is really cool! What good pictures