Thursday, September 6


It is amazing to me how from one day to the next, it seems that the seasons change. I guess that it hasn't been that drastic, but it has felt like it. As soon as we turned the calendar to September, the season of Fall began to appear. The sun has obviously been changing (the sun comes up later and goes down a little earlier each day), and cooler temperatures are beginning to settle in - finally! I have been eagerly awaiting this to come! This morning, I sat down to read and then a little voice popped into my head, "Sendy, get upstairs and do something with your daughter!" She was very content, coloring in the book that was setting on her floor. But there was something missing. God has given me these few precious months to spend with her and they are speeding by! After talking for a few minutes, we decided to go out on a walk. Sure, I've got several things that "need" to be done, but today, they are just going to have to wait! I'm even too tired to walk, but I could use the exercise. God was really tugging on my heart to go with her. We walked quite a ways, I was surprised that I made it that far. It's been getting harder to move around, this little boy is growing! As we went down the stairs, we talked about which way to go and Adie pointed her adorable little finger in one direction and said that she really wanted to go "straight." It was cute. So we walked. Well, she galluped along while I snailed on behind her. She kept turning around and saying, "Come on, MOM!" She was very sweet now and then to stop and wait for me and she did mind the rules we've set about not crossing the streets. But as we walked, the breeze felt wonderful and we even saw leaves begin to fall on the ground. I saw things in our neighborhood that I didn't know were there and enjoyed the new scenery. And now, as I sit here at my desk (that we recently decided to move up from the basement into the kitchen), looking out the window, I'm seeing more leaves fall to the ground, clouds in sky and the air conditioner is blowing on me. It is making me want to go get a blanket and warm up with some hot chocolate! It's the atmosphere that I love. Cooler days (yes, I realize the air conditioner is blowing on me - it's making me think of it!) are what we really love. We can't wait for the thick of fall to be here! I'm told the trees here are absolutely beautiful with the many colors their leaves change. I can't wait to witness a beautiful transformation of seasons, and to share all the exciting fall activities that happen with my family!


Today is the day! Today is the day!
We have been waiting so long for this day to come! (Can you tell we get excited about so much - even the simplest things in life?)

Jo starts soccer today! His practices will be Tuesday and Thursday and games will be on Saturdays! I'm really looking forward to all the fun this will bring! Oh, and another exciting thing to add to this, his coach happens to be the husband of his kindergarten teacher!
Hopefully many writings to come about soccer! Maybe, just maybe I'll have a picture to post tomorrow too!

Here's to a happy fall to all of you, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Rebecca said...

I hope he likes soccer! I love fall too.