Wednesday, October 3

Fall Time Happeneings

Well, things have considerably slowed down for me! Adie and I will be able to enjoy our time at home with no other things to think about for two full weeks! Yay! We have been playing games, with balls, watching princess movies, cuddling, reading books. Today, we brought out the stocking I'm going to make for Alex and she is very interested in being involved in that! So, I guess we will look at some more crafts to get into. We are also going to be cleaning up some things for Alex: his bathtub, the bath seat, learning seat, car seat. I'm just so ready for him to be here, it's fun getting ready! The ladies at church gave us a shower on Monday. They were all so sweet to do that! When asked what we are needing, all I could come up with was diapers. One of the ladies said something so funny, "Real ones or fake ones?" I couldn't answer for a minute, it took a while to figure out what she was saying, I think I was just so confused by the fake diaper question! So, we got six pkgs of "fake" diapers! A few very cute outfits, a few bibs, someone made a little blanket - so cute, and a new toy. That was about it, all such wonderful gifts - thank you friends! We've got about 6 weeks, and I can't believe it, it's coming so fast!

Jeff has decided he likes taking Jo to school on his way to work. Jo likes it too. So, the mornings have been slightly less rushed. I think Adie likes keeping her "jamas" on longer in the morning! School is still going well, he's getting more comfortable there. They have already sent home two fund-raisers this year! Ahh!!! For one of them, we were to find family who would support him. So we made a couple phone calls. I never liked doing fund-raisers when I was younger and I still don't. It's just not fun asking people for money. When we called my mom, I told her that the part of school we didn't like has arrived. She laughed. It was rather funny. So, the grandparents are going to help out with that one! The second one, on the envelope, it specifically said that he was not to go door knocking. That's nice, I wasn't looking forward to doing that kind. Jeff has taken it to work and hopefully we will get a couple of people to help Jo out. Oh, fund-raisers, aren't they wonderful! But they're for a good reason, the school's got to get money from somewhere, and not all the parents can fork out all the money they need for things!

Something else that has Jo excited is the Fall field trip coming up at the end of the month! He thought it was going to be the 5th, I had to explain to him that it won't be until the 25th. He was a little disappointed, but he's still excited! They need parent volunteers, I think Adie and I will try and get in on that one, it will be fun to go with his class! There is also a book fair coming up and they asked for parent volunteers. A couple weeks ago, Jeff described me as a "yes ma'am." Apparently I've been saying yes to way too many things in the last several weeks. He very gently told me that I should really say no to this one. It was hard, but saying no actually made me feel pretty good, I won't have too much to worry about. I've got a baby on the way!

Jo is loving soccer. We had our third game Saturday and he did great. We were also told of a clinic after the game. We went to that and Jo really got a lot out of it. He says he really likes the game. I wonder what the future holds... This Saturday, the kids have a double header. All the teams this fall will have one. His first game is at 9 am! Ahh!!! That means an early morning! The second will be at 11 am. So we'll have time in between for a snack and a little break. One of the things I've loved about this, (just one small thing), his appetite has gone up! He's eating quite a bit more these days. Keep that boy active, huh? Love it. :)

Well, I suppose I should really go now. Hope you all are having a great week!

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