Friday, December 29

Christmas Cookie Decorating!

So sorry it's taken a while to post about Christmas. We truly had a great one! We hope all of you did!

A few days before Christmas, we all took some time after dinner to do a little family activity. It was so much fun! Here are the pictures!
Every body really got into this one!

Didn't they all turn out so pretty!

Jonathan sure did get into the frosting! What creativity!

And they tasted so good when we ate them!


Tereasa said...

Sendy, I enjoyed your posts, but I don't see any of the pictures except those from Christmas day. The kids look adorable. Adelaide's doll house reminds me of your blue one. It's cute!

Happy New Year!

JAPierce said...

Your children are precious as always! Glad to finally catch up on you guys. Sorry we missed you when you came through OKC. Hopefully we can see you soon! Happy New Year!