Thursday, January 11

Wow, A New Year and . . .

Okay, so it's been a while since we posted anything. Sorry about the picture thing from Christmas, I'll try to work on that sometime, maybe. I might just make an album of that. Oh well, Christmas is over! It is time to concentrate on the new year!

We are getting settled in very nicely! It has been great. We are all loving Kansas (as long as we are together, it is home and we love it). We have actually now opened more boxes in the month that we've been here than we did in the year we were in Killeen! Imagine that! This week has been a time of trying to get back into routines, now that the holidays are over. We unpacked all of the pictures and have most of them on the walls. This is great for a few reasons: 1) we haven't seen any of them in over a year! 2) now it really feels like home and it makes the place so cozy! 3) it is so nice to look around our house and see the faces of those we love everyday.

We are getting involved in a congregation here in town and it is starting to feel like a famliy. The kids are slowly finding friends and getting more comfortable. Jeff is continuing to excell in his job and I am constantly learning new things with the kids. Keep us in your prayers. This has been a struggle for us all, but we are making it. Soon, we will have our house sold, everything unpacked and we can begin to LIVE in Kansas!

We've got exciting things coming up so come back sometime to keep up with the story!

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meg said...

Happy New Year to you, Sendy! Glad to hear you all made to Kansas safely & are settling in to your new home. From the sound of things, you're in the general area of where I lived- I spent 10 yrs in Lawrence, graduating from LHS, marrying my first husband & having my 2 oldest children, before moving back to CA. My father is still there, though he is looking to move back to New Mexico. There are things I miss about KS- the big yards, open spaces, small town feel- but I certainly don't miss the snow :P