Friday, December 22

What are the kids doing and saying these days?

Just thought I'd get on real quick and leave a post about the kids. They are really giving us a lot of laughs! This fall, Jonathan fell in love with football. He loves the game so much! So often we will catch him out back playing a game and doing the announcing all himself. It's fun to watch! His favorite teams are (of course) Texas Tech for college, the Kansas City Chiefs for pro, and he really got into all the high school games too. He loves mixing up all the teams and putting college or pro up against a high school team. I get lots of laughs out of that one. I've also caught him telling people that he plays for the Chiefs! It's been fun listening to him tell us all about the game. He knows more than either of us do! We'll definitely be learning more about it as time goes on. Last night before he went to sleep he told me that he really wants to "go to Tech and play on that field." What a dreamer. Maybe his dreams will come true!
Adelaide is such a sweetie! She has always had a sweet tooth, but it is really starting to come out in a strong way! My favorite phrase of hers is "I NEED CHOCOLATE!" It is so funny to see her say something like that! She is a huge fan of candy and has been enjoying all the sweet fun we've had during the holidays. She loves cookies and would eat cookies for every meal if we let her. She is such a mamma too, all of her baby dolls are so special to her. I think she has named one of them Baby Sister. It's funny, sometimes I wonder if she's wanting a baby sister. Wouldn't that be fun!
We all like it here in Kansas, and are waiting for that snow to show up. The other day, Jonathan said, "Mommy, where is the snow?" We had told him that we would see some up here. Now it's got to come! But I can sure wait! The cold is something to get used to! Luckily our house holds in the heat well so we don't run the heater all the time. I can't wait to play in the snow with them!

Today we are going to take a trip to the library! Jeff was told that they have a great kids section. We will see! Hopefully tomorrow we will take a trip to downtown KC and check out Union Station! That will be a fun adventure!

Have a wonderful day and a great Christmas!


Tereasa said...

A neice after my own heart!

Have fun this weekend.

Tanya said...

Merry Christmas my friend. Have a wonderful Holiday!!