Friday, December 29

It's Christmas! Santa Came!!!!

Our Christmas holiday started and ended with so many smiles and happiness! It was all so terrific! After anticipating for so long, Jonathan and Adelaide finally got to see what Santa had in store for them. Jonathan ended up not being able to stay awake to see Santa (maybe another year buddy!), and they both slept until a fairly reasonable hour! It was their Momma who couldn't sleep
(even though Santa only came for the kids it was still so exciting)! When they both finally made it down stairs, they opened up their gifts and emptied out their stockings! Jonathan was excited to find exactly what he asked Santa for - a small remote control race car and a big Lightening McQueen. Adelaide was excited to find her very first doll house! She had the best time playing with just that all day long. Jonathan had a blast with his race car all day long! In the mean time, for breakfast Daddy and Mommy made a delicious Cinnamin Raisin French Toast bake. Everyone thought that was pretty good! Maybe a great start to a delicious tradition! Then a couple hours later we got dinner started. We didn't do the traditional turkey. Instead, we did a ham - per Jonathan's request a few weeks before Christmas. We also made the green bean casserole, stuffing, and the sweet potato pie! It was all so delicious. Everyone enjoyed. Also, towards the end of the day, Jonathan participated in another tradition that many people have on Christmas Day. He sat down for a while and watched the football game. Since he has been so interested in the sport lately, this was quite a good time for him! The entire day was just so pleasant. Everyone was happy, we were all at such peace. It was so nice to be settled in a nice place to call our "home" again.

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