Monday, December 18

Finally Back On-line!

Hello everyone!
Well, we have been in Kansas for just over two weeks. We are all enjoying our new home. The house we are in is a duplex. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a very good size kitchen and living room. The bedrooms and a bathroom are on the upper floor, and the other bathroom is on the main floor with the living room and kitchen. From the kitchen, we can go out to the back yard or down to the garage/basement. Yes, we have two sets of stairs. We are all getting lots of exercise going up and down! Sendy and the kids have been having great days at home and are getting to know the area little by little. Jeff is glad to be back at work and so excited to be with his new co-employees. It is nice and they get along pretty good. As soon as I find the bad with the cord to connect the camera to the computer, I'll upload pictures of the new place!
The day we moved in, we were able to meet our neighbors. They are a very sweet couple and they have an adorable little one-year-old girl. We have talked about getting together for play time for the kids. We are so excited to have such good neighbors!
Okay, so I said that our moving experience is quite a story. I'll get in what I can.

We were told that the movers would arive between 10 and 12 that Tuesday morning and to prepare for 4 hours of work time. We figured that it would probably be around 11:59. We were so right! They showed up right at 11:53! They were nice people and seemed to work pretty fast. It was wierd though, we all felt as though we were in the way in our very own home. They wrapped up all of our furniture and got everything into boxes that we hadn't gotten to yet. Although they seemed to work fast, they actually took quite a long time. It was a beautiful day! For lunch, we got McDonnalds and sat out front on the grass and had our last pic-nic in Texas. It was so fun! We really had a time. The packers took a break at that time as well. It seemed as though things were moving pretty smoothly, and finally at 5:30, they pulled away from the house. We were already on a pretty tight schedule. Jeffrey needed to be at work Thursday by 1:00 so we really had to get to Kansas as fast as possible. We did what cleaning we could and as fast as we could, and touched up the painting around the place. At 6:30, we decided to hire someone to come clean it (luckily we have a realator to go through!). We really had to get out of town! We were all so tired. The kids had missed their nap and were ready for dinner. We were all a little cranky, I guess you could say! So, we closed up the house, locked the keys inside for our agent and said good-bye to our first house, and our life in Texas.
We got to McDonnalds and had a nice, pleasant dinner. That is when we decided that we were too tired to travel all the way to Oklahoma that night. We were so blessed to have our friends offer a room in their home just south of Ft. Worth for the night! Thank you!

The next morning, we woke up and had a great breakfast! Then began our journey to Kansas! We made pretty good time and we got to see some remnance of the snow storm that had taken place the week before. That was so fun to see. We hadn't seen snow in two years! Our trip was nice and fun. Jeff was driving his car, packed to the seems with things we would need till we finally got our things from the movers. Sendy was driving the other car with the kids. We all had a really great time. When we got to Oklahoma City, it was time for lunch, so we decided to stop by an old favorite restaurant - The Delta Cafe. And then we headed over to the college to try and see some people we used to know. It was fun to just check out the campus after three years. They sure have made some changes! A brand new dorm, and some definite construction for something else. We even saw some new appartments. It all looked really nice. We only got to see two people we new back then, but it was still good. We have decided to make a trip down for homecoming - hopefully next year. We'll have to see how things look at that time! You know us, things are always changing!

The drive on up to Kansas was nice. We soon realized that we weren't going to make it in time to get our keys that night. So we called the owner and made arrangements for the next morning. It sure is a good thing that we stayed in the hotel that night! We were able to watch the news and find out that we were in for quite a temperature shock (well, actually we had already experienced it coming into KS) and we had the chance to prepare for it.
Alright, think back, we had a pic-nic the day before for lunch - figure high 60s to 70s that day. That night we were all wearing our winter coats and still cold! The next morning, we were going to have to deal with 14 degrees and a wind chill of 0! It was insane! But we were ready! Our life in Kansas had begun. What an adventure to look forward too!


Tereasa said...

Buy Cuddleduds (comfy long underware) YOu can find them at most department stores or online. Just remember, you can always dress warmer in the winter. You can only take off so many clothes in the summer. Winter Rocks!

More advice: Find a winter activity to enjoy as a family or you'll never look forward to winter again. Find a good sledding hill or an outdoor ice arena.

One more thing: stay away from too much hot chocolate. It warms you up, but it makes you fat, fast!! :)

Jeff and Sendy said...

That's so funny! A friend and I were talking last night and she told me about Cuddleduds! I'll have to go check them out!