Friday, December 29

A Happy Christmas Eve!!

What a joy this wonderful time has been! We hope that you all have had a great time this holiday season! The kids have been so excited about Christmas this year. Jonathan really wanted to stay up and watch for Santa to come. We think the magic of the season was really here for him this year. Adelaide truly fed off of his excitement. They were both full of squeals!

We opened our gifts from family under the tree Christmas Eve. This has been such a rewarding year, watching the kids discover the joy of giving and then having fun finally revealing the secrets of what was under that tree! They both got some real fun things. Jonathan got a Chiefs pull-over jacket, books, a puzzle, karaoke radio, christmas coloring and sticker fun, a snow hat and gloves, and Disney Cars fun. Adelaide got a huge teddy bear, cars to share with brother, books, puzzles, doll house fun, christmas coloring and sticker fun, a pretend makeup set, and a snow hat and mittens! They were so excited about it all!

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