Thursday, June 5

Week 1 ... Parks!

Park week was fabulous! We really did have a great time. Alex and Adie are sleeping right now and Jo is working on some math flash cards. Meanwhile, as I'm sitting on the couch enjoying the peace, our cat is trying to catch a fly flying on the window behind me. It is quite funny, she is trying to climb up the blinds. If I could only catch it on camera! I will try, for now, to get in as much as possible about last week.

Anyway, okay, let me reach way back into my memory bank and pull all of this out. We started off with Memorial Day Weekend. Saturday we hung out at the house and then had some KS barbeque for lunch. It was pretty good. We ate Arthur Bryant's BBQ, if you ever get the chance to eat it, DO! After lunch, we headed out to Wyandot County lake park. It was pretty cool, and beautiful! We stopped at a small play ground and all had a turn on the swings, I slid down the tall metal slide (the kind I played on when I was five, back in Estancia). Yes, that was me! No one else would take the chance! Ha! It was envigorating to be a kid again! We looked at bugs and watched ducks and turtles play in the lake. We didn't stay too long, it had rained the night before and so it was pretty muddy. So we headed back home for a short rest. Then we headed off to Tonganoxie for a rodeo! F-U-N! The kids loved seeing the horses and bulls and Alex even had fun! When we got there, the stands were pretty full so we got to choose a seat down right next to the action. Oh, did I mention that this was an outside arena? Yes, we were outside (we've only been to inside arenas and got to sit in nice seats). So, with the rain the night before and all the mud, we got to see, and feel ,everything! Adie was so funny! She thought all the mud was poo! When the horses started coming near us, and the mud would spatter on everyone, she yelled out, "There's poo on me!" We all had a good laugh with that. We had the good ole' hot dogs and soda, and just had a great time kicking off summer with a great rodeo.
On Sunday after worship, we headed out to a baseball game. A few weeks ago, we discovered that not so many people were at the Sunday games right now, so we thought that might be a better day to go. So, we went and overall it was a great time, but our seats ended up being in the sun, right next to people sitting in the shade! The seats were so hot and it took over an hour for the sun to go down. But we really did have a great time. Jo is playing T-ball this summer so he was really in to all that was going on. We enjoyed dollar dogs and lots of lemonade. Alex wore his "All American Boy" baseball cap and Adie had her red, white, and blue on. We're looking forward to a few more games to attend this summer.
Monday, Jeff and Jo were both off. We stayed home and did some clean up and, in honor of park week, we went to a park for a little while. There is a park fairly close to us called Cody Park and it is really nice. It's got a great playground, a walking trail, the all important washroom, good seating for parents, and a nice little brook that runs right through the middle of it all. This day we discovered a great little area that is in the shade and is where the water comes from. I savored every moment with my family that day. Jeff and Jo were playing with the bat and ball, while Adie, Alex and I sat and watched the water come into the park (I'm really going to have to take a picture of it). We were in a corner, right under a street intersection. The creek runs under that intersection and pools up then continues flowing into the brook that goes through the park. Adie was throwing rocks, Alex was just wiggling trying to reach for the grass and rocks, and explore all he could! Adie then started making up a story about the cave. There is a monster that lives in there and we had to be quiet, so as to not wake it up! After a while, Jo and Jeff joined us and then Jeff taught us all how to skip rocks across the water. I was able to once and Jo and Adie are still working on it.

Tuesday, Jo had his last day of school. After school, we went to a park that was really cool. It was called David Brewer Park. It has a small soccer field, volley ball sand pit, walking trails, tennis courts, a great playground, a washroom, good swings, and a couple places to sit in the shade. The kids really liked this one, Jo voted it #1 and Adie voted it #2 (Cody is her fav).

Then, Wednesday, my baby graduated from Kindergarten!

Thursday, we went to two parks. Wollman Park was nice, but there wasn't a place to sit and watch the kids (sometimes I just need to take a break - especially while holding Alex), and it was pretty small. The one in Lansing (we didn't see a name) was okay. Pretty small, not a lot of shade, and NO washroom (a must for little girls newly potty trained!).

Friday, we went down to Bonner Springs and found a pretty cool park next to a sports complex. However, I couldn't find the washrooms! And the slides were broken.

Well, that was park week! Pictures will be posted for parks and graduation. Alex is awake now and I'm sure he'd like to eat! Oh, and he slept until 11:30 this morning! It was nice to have the morning with Jo and Adie! And! Jo is getting his first permanent tooth! He's growing up! He and Alex will be getting new teeth together this year!

Better go!

P.S. We voted Cody and David Brewer the #1s for the family. They are both pretty awesome and we could go for just one!

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