Thursday, June 12


Mommy, I have a new tooth!

(that is both of my boys!)

That's right, both Jonathan and Alex showed a new tooth within two weeks of eachother!
Today, I noticed Alex's very first baby tooth. And about a week ago or so, Jonathan has a new one coming in behind his baby teeth (not a single lost tooth yet).

Tomorrow, we will be off for our Nashville trip. Goodness, time is getting away from me!

We enjoyed Around the World week. There are definitely a few things I will change for next time, but it was fun. Nashville week has been full of getting ready for the trip. The real stuff is coming this weekend!

I just finished a BIG job of uploading pictures from the camera. Now, when I come back, it will be the BIG job of posting albums and pics here and there!

So many wonderful things going on this summer!

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