Wednesday, June 18

Week 2 - Around the World

Week two of our 12 weeks was fun as well. We picked up some books from the library for China, Italy, Egypt, Kansas, and Missouri. Let's just say that week two was a learning time for all of us. It didn't go quite as planned, but we still learned about those places. In my head, I had envisioned a grand week of tons of cultural activities! Well, what I learned is that (again) things don't always go as planned.

Monday we read our books about China and then planned a Chinese dinner - that went very well! Italy was about the same, we read about families that live in Italy and had Spaghetti for dinner. Wednesday, well, Wednesdays are always more busy. We did read about Egypt but I never went on line to figure out something that could be Egyptian. Maybe we will try that this summer still. (Besides, who says that we have to do cultural things just during that week!) Thursday, I had planned on taking the kids to Topeka, but gas prices are so high and we needed to save for Nashville week. Later on this summer we will do the capital trip. Friday, we got up and got ready to meet our homeschool group at the park. That was loads of fun! I
got to meet more moms and visit with some wonderful women. I also discovered a great math program that I will be using for Jonathan. The kids really had a great time with all the new friends. Alex was passed around and gave everyone great
smiles. Adie made a new friend her age and is excited to have little girls her age to play with. Jonathan really showed that he is getting older and gave me a surprise and a small fright! He got along well with the other kids and had a great time running around with them, but he still showed a tendancy of enjoying time alone as well. When it was time to sit down for lunch, I went over to where I had last seen him. He wasn't there. I looked for a few minutes and I couldn't find him. You
know my heart was racing. I continued to follow the stream (this was Cody park by the way) and found him down close to the tunnel that goes under the intersection. He'd been "fine" he says and he was just exploring! He had taken off his socks
and shoes and was getting his feet wet. We had a talk about safety and making sure to tell me where he's going to be. But I learned a lesson at that time as well, my boy is not a baby anymore. He can venture off and still be okay. It's hard
to let go of the first. (I guess it will be hard to let go of them all). I am just so glad that he didn't go around the whole world by himself!

We had a great time reading about other countries and the kids got a taste of things outside the USA. They are learning that there is more to the world that just the few states we've lived in and there are all kinds of people that God created.

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