Wednesday, May 28

12 Weeks of Summer Learning!

Jonathan just graduated from Kindergarten! Can't believe that he's done! Well, we kicked off the summer this weekend with fantastic fun and I'll have to blog about that later. But for now, I thought I'd get on and preview for you what we have planned this summer! (I will get on and post pictures - tons coming up soon!)

Drum roll please...

Announcing our 12 weeks of Fantastic summer learning!

1 - Park week ... which park in LV will prove to be the Green family favorite???

2 - Around the World ... capitals of KS, MO and countries of Mexico, China, and Italy

3 - Nashville ... transition from wk 3- meeting Jeff's family there and learn the history of music!

4 - Music ... possibly a tallent show???

5 - Play Ball ... Jonathan is in T-ball this summer!

6 - Family Camp ...tent in the back yard, cook on the grill, and camp activities all week! Finale to be a camp out by the river???

7 - Animals ... two or three different zoos and lots of other fun animals activities!

8 - Planes and Trains ... a trip to Achison will be great, Train museum and Amelia Earhart Festival!

9 - Wonderful Water ... a visit to the fountains at Crown Center

10 - Story Week ... maybe we will write one!

11 - Bugged Out ... Powell Gardens Butterfly festival

12 - All Out for the Olympics ... learn about the sports and our 1st Annual Green Family Olympics!

We wish you all a fantastic summer of fun learning as well!


Amanda said...

You guys are such great parents! All those experiences will pay off so much in your children's education and just their well-roundedness as people!

I didn't notice any trips to Houston in there....

Tereasa said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Holly said...

WOW! That is really well thought out. I have not started counting down the weeks until Hadley goes to kindergarten, I can't bear the thought. But I have decided that we are doing the library for story time every Wednesday and grocery shopping on Mondays. LOL! I would like to make a trip to the zoo.

Anonymous said...

How's your summer schedule working out? I hope you're all having a blast! :) Sounds like loads of fun. -- AT