Friday, August 1

The "Twins"

There's another story about my two babies that I have to tell you. The other day, I was getting dinner ready and had Alex on the floor with me in the kitchen. Ella was in the living room with Jo and Adie, chewing away at her things. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ella peek around the corner and look and Alex and me, then she just went back. Not a minute later, I saw her coming in with a chew-eez in her mouth and she perched herself under the table, two feet away from Alex. He was chewing on his things and she was chewing on her things. They watched eachother chew. I wonder what went through each of their minds. Maybe, "Hey, is that good? What I've got is pretty cool. I guess we shouldn't share, Mamma wouldn't like it." Or maybe even, "Yeah, you're cute, but this is MINE!" It's fun to think of the things babies might be thinking. Anyway, after just a couple minutes, they both stopped and just looked at each other. Alex continued chewing, but Ella scooched over to him on her tummy, real slow and licked his arm. He then reached over and started to play with her tail. I didn't have the camera in reach, and I couldn't leave the two of them alone there. As cute as it was I had to separate it pretty quickly, dinner had to be made!

But that was towards the end of a fabulous day. Just an hour earlier, all 5 "kids" gave me an hour of complete silence! I've instituted mandatory "Nap Time." Jo ceased his naps over a year ago and Adie stopped last fall. It's begun to wear on me. I love the two little ones, but I've got to have some quiet time in the house! It was so nice, Alex was in his crib, Adie was on the loveseat, Jo was on the couch, Binx was on the Ottoman, and Ella was in her kennel. I sat on the floor and just read. That's something I haven't enjoyed, truly enjoyed in a long time. We got our curriculum last week and I've been preparing for the first month.

As nervous as I am about all the logistics, I'm extremely excited. Homeschooling is going to be absolutely wonderful. Yesterday, I went on a search to find some classical music to play for the children throughout the day and to use during music studies. I found something wonderful on iTunes - Classical Child. It is a series of at least 8 albums. They are so fun! Then, last night I discovered a gold-mine of Classic Children's Poetry. With our budget being tight, being creative is becoming a necessity. I printed off most of those poems and I'm going to turn it into our own collection of poems. Last night, before bed, I read about four of them to the kids and they absolutely loved it! We haven't actually read a lot of poetry together, and so I wasn't sure what to expect. THEY LOVED IT! Poetry studies are going to be a favorite, I can tell. Oh, I guess you'd probably like to have the website where this was found...(don't worry, I was going to share!)
Classic Poems for Children It's a fabulous place to get some pure enjoyment!

Well, It's time to begin my day. We are off to the zoo today, with the homeschool group! Animal week has been kind of weak, Jo was sick the last two days, but he's feeling better. Today, we'll go off and have some fun with friends and enjoy the animals together.

Love to you all!

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