Wednesday, August 6

Finally, the pictures I've spoken of!

Okay, so I don't remember all the pictures I said I'd post, but here are some from the past few weeks. And, I'm working on posting the video over at the sharesite, you should be able to view the link now over to the right. Please bare with me, though, right now. Blogger has been working very slow for me the last couple of days. I'm trying to get lists set up but it keeps blanking out on me! Hopefully I can get all the pics uploaded.

This is from the Deanna Rose Childrens Farm. We had so much fun there during story week!

They have been bouncing off the walls and flipping off the furniture ~ litterally!

This is sweet little Ella.

The kids had so much fun camping out the night of July 3!

This was our trip to the KC Zoo with some friends from the homeschool group.

This was our nature walk looking for bugs this week for Bug Week! Friday we will be going to a Butterfly Festival!

Well, I hoe you enjoyed these pics! I will be uploading some of Alex later. I've got a post for him, but it's breakfast time!

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