Thursday, July 31

Where'd It Go???

Okay, this just isn't right. Today, I was planning out August and September. Unbelievable!

Synopsis for the summer...
Zoom!!!! Everything was great. We did have our planned out weeks and most of the time it worked, but...
The planning wasn't there. The themes were great, but I was still on the edge of my seat with planning. I now what to do next summer (maybe...)

There was a campout, swimming, we did go to the fountains, a farm, talked about planes, made paper helicopters, played with bubbles, the water hose, water balloons. It was a fantastic summer.

Now, we are getting ready for school.

Oh, wait. There are a few new developements with us. #1: Jonathan has been typing his own blog. #2: Our neighbors are moving...they've been so good and now we need to pray for the new ones to be good! #3: VBS was a complete success! #5: Alex is beginning to get very mobile! Not officiall crawling (unless he does it when I'm not looking;) ) #4: Oh yeah, and we have a dog. No - a puppy.

I am now the proud mother of 5 beatiful children! Our newest addition is Ella. Our neighbors got her a few weeks ago and after two weeks, discovered that their 2 1/2 yr-old daugher is alergic. It was quite sad. They searched for a new family but couldn't find one and all the "safe" shelters were full. Jeff has such a heart for dogs, and I do too, we couldn't help ourselves. Now, we have a black cat and a black lab/mix. She is mostly lab and so adorable! She was born May 17, so that makes her almost 11 weeks! I'll tell you, it is like having twins in the house! With Alex moving around so much, EVERYTHING goes to the mouth! He AND Ella see every little crumb on the floor and want to eat it! They both litterally will put anything in the mouth. They both take about two/three naps a day and love to be outside. We love taking Ella on walks and do that about 3-4 times or more a day. She has to have her exercise or things just go nuts in the house! I've got a picture that I was about to upload. But the puppy is asking to be let out, so I better go!

Talk with you all later!

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