Monday, October 29

18 days until ... D-day!

We sure have been doing a lot - all of us! My wonderful friends and family, you who teach, raise beautiful children, care for the orphaned, and all of you going through some most difficult struggles at the time. My thoughts have been with all of you, even as we go through our busy times!

Jo has finished soccer and we think he is going to miss it. But Jeff and I are glad that the next two Saturdays are going to be time that we can spend preparing for Alex to arrive! This was a great season! It took pretty much the whole two months for Jo to really get in there and try to get that ball to his goal, to really understand it. He got the idea outside of games and practice, but when other kids were around the ball, he froze up. This last Saturday he did so great! He got in there and kicked the ball so many times! Yay for Jo! After the game, we all headed over to McD's for the after season party. All the kids received medals. Jo is so proud of his medal. We made some good friends on the team and have made plans with them to continue to keep in touch and hopefully get together! One of the boys - K, he and Jo were like the bash brothers! It was adorable. K's mom and I are definitely going to get them together for play days! One of the moms - R and I are due within a week of each other so we are going to keep up with each other for our babies. She seems like a great woman and I look forward to getting to know her. Their son, J, is a cutie and I think Jo and he will be good friends as well. This is a special family. They've really got quite a year to remember. Back in February, they began the process of adopting a little girl from Guatemala. Then sometime in March or April they found out that they were expecting and due in Nov! They went to pick up JC a few weeks ago and now are two weeks from the due date! JC is 8 months old and so beautiful! What a handful R has!

Our work with the education program at church is going well. We've been meeting with our team and making a lot of plans. We have our first teachers meeting planned for Nov 12! I'm nervous and excited at the same time. We've had so much clean up to do and we've done some reorganizing. We are currently working on getting the work room in better working order and making the classrooms better for teaching. December is going to be a slow month, but hopefully in January we can see some fruit from the work we've been doing so far. I've been so tired lately and uncomfortable, it has been hard for me to do as much work as I wanted to, but we are getting there. And the team is so supportive of Jeff and me, it is all going so great. My concentrations now, need to turn to LTC. We've got a dead line Dec 15! Just got to get in touch with our kids and get the ball rolling.

Adie is doing well, but she sure is a ball of fire! She has got so much energy, it's hard to keep up with her! She likes pretending she is a monster and sometimes gets very hyper with it! She is also very stubborn sometimes! Nap time is becoming extremely difficult. It is often more time spent in persuassion, than enjoying the quiet time. She has also decided that she is not interested in all in being a big girl. So we are still doing diapers and separation anxiety has taken a toll. I guess we have come to the time when we will just have to say, "it's time!" The kids are going to spend the night of Nov 14 with some friends from church and I'm so nervous about it. I hope they can all get some sleep!

Jo is going to be fine that night, hopefully he can help his sister make it through. Our friends aren't worried about it. Last week, Jo's kindergarten class went on a field trip to a farm! It was great! Adie and I tagged along. Yesterday I learned that one of the teachers was very worried about me going, being as pregnant as I am, but our teacher friend assured her that I was fine. It was funny. Jo has a great class. We all had a great time and learned some neat things about the farm! Adie really got a lot out of it too. She loved all the animals. Jo loved the horses and ponies. I don't think he had a favorite though. Kindergarten is going alright. He has made lots of friends and is doing so well with all of his classes. Yes, classes. He has three teachers and goes from class to class each day. They've got a homeroom and they do "specials" everyday. Specials are art, music, library, and PE. His least favorite is PE, because one of the kids in his class is very onery! This little boy, B, likes to pull the fire alarm and Jo does not like that at all. He happens to try it the most during PE. He has been learning to draw really good and brings home lots of artwork each week! Well, actually, a lot of the art work is from other little kids in his class...little girls actually. It seems as though our little Jo is crushed on by a few girls in his class! One in particular, E, has given him so many pictures. Hearts all over the paper, both of their names written together, and now, pictures of the two of them hugging! Several weeks ago, I had began writing Jo a little note saying "I 'heart' you" and that was something he said helped him get through his day, it made him happy. Last Friday, I found a note from little E that was just like what I had sent with him! My baby has a girlfriend! Ahhh!!!! Jo said that she tells him she loves him and he told me that he loves her. What do I say? We talked about it a little bit. Jeff and I still think he may be oblivious. But some things he's said are starting to make me wonder. Jo - my little heart throb! He does have a sweet, sensitive spirit that grils fall for, and he does get his great looks from his daddy! ;) Oh, we are in trouble!

Yesterday was great. Jeff taught the adult Bible class. It was a very good class, I'm so proud of him! We've been going through Matthew and he led chapter nine. I won't be surprised if he's asked again to lead a class for the adults, but I'm not sure when he'll be asked, or even if he'll say yes for a while. He did say he liked it. He got more response from the adults than he does from the middle school class he's teaching on Wed nights and the younger ages he's taught before. What he said about that was funny!

Well, I've written a lot. I realized I hadn't posted very much this month and wanted to catch you all up on what's going on. I don't always get on to write but I've been watching other blogs and it seems that we are all in the midst of some very busy times! We are coming upon the holiday season, wishes to you all for a great one! I don't know when I will be on again (probably before Alex comes, but maybe not). I'm just not sure. Jeff has told me that he will get on to post about the baby when he comes, I'll try to make sure of it, and that he adds pictures too!

Love to you all!


Tereasa said...

Hey sis, thanks for the long post! It was nice to hear about your family. I am so impressed by the lady you have grown up to be. You are nearly nine months pregnant and look at all you are doing! How do you do it? I have no doubt you are living in the Spirit and I am so happy for you! I do wish we lived closer. I miss your family so much!

Jeff and Sendy said...

It is only this, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

Anonymous said...

How did you guys finally decide to separate or divide up the ages/grades for Sunday School? I never heard. It sounds like God is blessing you in your work at church! :) I can't wait to meet Alex! -- AT