Friday, October 12

An onery and little more busy...

Little Alex is an onery little boy! It has been a good week, but Wednesday, I thought things were going to change! Tuesday night, he didn't move in his usual way. I tried not to think much of it, but I began to get worried when each time I flipped over, there was no movement. When I woke up to take care of business, there was no movement. At 3:00 I couldn't stand it any longer, I couldn't sleep. By 5, Jeff could tell there was something wrong. We went down stairs and he got me some orange juice. There he was, a little bit of movement. But as the day went on, he still wasn't the same. When I called the drs office, they had me do the orange juice thing and some yogurt. That time, no real movements at all. Little knocks here and there, but nothing big like he always had been doing with little snacks like that. Alright, I was certain things didn't look good. So the docs office had me go in to the hospital. As soon as the monitors touched me, he started bouncing all over the place! He was a playful little fella, but onery! He even turned his body in a way that we couldn't hear his heart beat, but was still kicking around. Big kicks! The nurse, she was funny. She looked down where he was, and said, "Okay sweetie, that's impressive, but I want to hear your little ticker!" It took a couple of minutes to find the heart beat again, but it was very faint. Then one of the nurses said that he was showing hyperactivity, and when I asked about that, they said he is just the most excited little baby they have seen come in at that age. His heart rate was getting into the 160s and they asked me if that was normal. Most of the time, it's been in the 140s-150s. I asked if that meant something was wrong and they said that since he was calming himself down and the heart rate was going up and down, he was very fine.
Oh, dear, what are we in for?! He really had me going Wednesday. We were all a little concerned. And it's just good to not take any chances. I'm so glad he's okay, but I think he's really going to be quite a turkey! (And he is my turkey, coming right before Thanksgiving). My little Alex turkey - silly boy. I can't wait to meet you!

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