Wednesday, August 1

Just a random blog, rambling on

Well, it is nap time, so I thought I'd get on and say hello and hopefully stop by to see some friends. :) It's a little sticky outside today so we are staying in mostly. We headed out to the stores today to get a few things. We are getting ready for a trip out of town Saturday and we are so excited! We picked up a few flashlights. We are going to be at a camp for three days and we will need the flash lights as soon as the sun starts going down. I was lucky enough to find two flash lights that were favorites to Jo and Adie! He is still so into cars and we found one that is from the Disney movie. She absolutely loves princesses and we found one with that too! It was fun to get those for the kids. We are gearing up for quite a week of fun. Some people are going to be bring instruments, so Jeff and I are taking the guitar and the dulcimer. We are not great players, but we love to have fun with them! Tuesday night, everyone will be getting there. Wednesday night, we'll have a devo. Thursday night is, I guess you could say "tallent" night. That should be interesting. Maybe more of a jam night! I'll write about it when we get back. And then Friday after breakfast, everyone heads out. We will be making our way back toward KS, hopefully we'll make it home at a reasonable time Saturday evening. I'm looking forward to seeing my family, Jeff is looking forward to seeing everyone as well. There are 6 young ones who will all enjoy seeing each other and two are very new to the whole group! My neice and nephew. Jo and Adie haven't met them yet and they are so excited to! Oh, I just can't wait! This will be so much fun! I've got the digital camera emptied out and ready for tons of great pictures. We've got our list of things to pack up. I'll be making trail mix today or tomorrow. We'll be packing everything up tomorrow and loading up the car on Friday, leaving as early as possible Saturday morning! We'll see how early that is!
So that is it for now. More when we return.


Amanda said...

Sounds like fun! I look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Rebecca said...

It sounds like ya'll are going to have a lot of fun. Let us know how it goes and enjoy your time with family!