Monday, August 27

Just wondering...

Okay, I just got off the phone with a preschool that Adie had been on the wait list for. They've got an opening! However, I've discovered this summer that the preschools here do not accept children who have not been potty trained. I don't really understand that. Everywhere else we have lived, we've been able to find terrific preschools to get Jonathan into! The first one we had him in, he wasn't potty trained yet and that was no problem! The second, I knew that in the younger classes, it would have been no problem either. In fact, we nearly had Adie going last fall! I'm more than thrilled to be spending time with my daughter, but she is anxious to go to school! She wants to be like her big brother. It would be nice if we could find what Lubbock and Belton had. I guess we'll just have to wait till next year. Oh to find a group of moms who stay home with their children to get some good kid time for our daughter. I guess that is my next mission!


Anonymous said...

Almost every preschool in KS has always been that way. When I moved to CA, it was like it sounds like in TX. I thought it was WEIRD that kids WERE NOT potty-trained in preschool. You should try those plastic pants/cotton underwear that are now combined and have girl or boy prints on them. I am TOTALLY using those for my kid(s)! They worked at our daycare. :) The teacher did an extreme potty-training and they wore those all week except for naps and bedtime (parents were in on it too). The kids HAD to sit on the toilet every 30 minutes no matter what. They were given treats for going in the beginning and those gradually decreased. They were potty-trained in ONE WEEK! Crazy, huh?

Our daycare sometimes takes kids in the preschool room if they start to work on potty-training and there's a mutual agreement of how it will be done between parents and school. Maybe you could talk to them about something like that. -- AT

Jeff and Sendy said...

Thank you! We've done a little bit of training, but it is so different than what we experienced with Jonathan. We had figured on waiting till Alex is here, but with this idea, maybe we can get it done. I think that we will just skip the preschool idea this year. There are still three years until she is school age, so we've got time!

Tereasa said...

Sendy, It takes a particular license for a school to even be ALLOWED to change diapers (or training pants). That is where the difference comes in. It may be more difficult to obtain in some states, or even more expensive.

Sometimes the incentive of school is enough to motivate a little one to start using the potty!

I like the sound of you and Adie spending more time together. Things are about to turn upside down for that little girl and she just might need the extra mommy time.

I can see it's going to take some time for me to get caught up on your blog! Love you!