Saturday, July 28

What's that noise Mommy?

Last week, we heard a loud grinding sound outside our place. When the kids asked what it was, we looked outside, and right away I knew that this was going to be a fun morning for them.

We had tractors right next to our place! And the best part was that we were quickly able to see that they were going to be fixing the HUGE pot hole that has been in our alley since before we moved here! It's an alley by definition of the word, but it is mostly used as a tiny road for a few of the houses here. We actually share a parking space with our neighbors (in the duplex) and so this is where Jeff has pulled in after work everyday. It is so nice that the hole is gone! That will also make this winter easier for getting rid of the slick ice.

But back to the kids. It was really fun to sit down with the kids and watch them enjoy seeing the construction workers. We talked about the tractors and how the men were all working as a team. Talk about teachable moments!


Rebecca said...

That is fun that they got to watch that. And yeah that the pothole is gone.

John Telgren said...

How fun. Your kids are always a delight. I sometimes miss our kids being that age.