Thursday, March 11

This is the Day!

This is the day I married my best friend, TEN years ago! I couldn't be more in love and happier. I'm so excited!

It's amazing how fast the last ten years have gone. I can't believe the day I thought about years ago has come. It's funny to think about what I was dreaming back then, and what is our reality now. We talked about going to Italy for our 10th anniversary (you will read why in a future post about Our Love Story ~ coming soon!), and now, I couldn't think of anything outside of spending today with my family! As I sit here, my oldest is in his room working on writing assignments, and my two youngest are enjoying a movie. Unfortunately, my daughter has caught the stomach bug, so it isn't the happiest of days for her, but we are all enjoying our day together. I've taken what little time I can to reflect and remember that wonderful day, ten years ago...

I've thoroughly enjoyed writing the events that led up to this wonderful day and I've decided to continue the story and write all that I can remember.

Happy March 11th everyone! It is now time for me to go, I've got three beautiful children to watch over and attend to.


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