Monday, January 4

Settling In

Good afternoon dear friends!

We are settling in quite nicely. Rooms are coming along great, Christmas went up right away for the season, now it is nearly all packed up again, snowmen tucked away nicely in the attic. I've been unpacking the picture boxes in the guest room and now I'm progressing toward trying to figure out where everything is going to go. Our loft area has turned out awesome! It is the play, TV, office, craft, and school room, oh, and the wrestling/racing place too. It sure is fun! The living room is totally musical. We've got our piano and dulcimers placed and now we're considering rack displays for the guitar and fiddle. The kitchen is so nice and very functional. It's the best one I've ever had!
We have just about completed Adie's room. Her room is done in horses. It sure has turned out adorable! She likes the colors brown, red, orange, and yellow, and pink too! So, we've incorporated the brown, red, and pink (from before).
The boys' room is going to be just what most boys want, sports! I'm thinking we will probably see college posters up on the wall someday and lots of balls, trophies, medals, etc. We're going to try and make it look cool.
Now as for the master bedroom, I'm just trying to get the rest of the house done! I'll be surprised if I am ever able to get something done in there. One day I want to paint our dresser and chest. They are old and funky looking. I still haven't figured out what I like best for the bedding. Hmmm...any ideas would be fun!

Well, I finally found the cable for the camera and now I'm going to go clean the house and take some pictures to share! (No worries, sis. I'll work as fast as I can. I've got so much to catch up on , all the way since the balloon fiesta!)

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Rebecca said...

I'm glad that you are feeling settled, and a great kitchen, what more could you ask for? Where are you living now?