Sunday, January 10

The Seed Grew

Continued from previous post...

That week, he saw me passing the lunch line and asked if I could do lunch with him. That was fine with me and so I was prepared to get in line and then he asked me if Chili's was good for me. I was completely caught off guard, but was so excited. I wasn't sure though, was this just friends or was it a date? It took me quite a while to finally ask him (after we got married), he had been hoping it was a date too. I told him I had to go back to my room and get ready. On my way there, I called my mom.

My feelings were extatic! I couldn't believe that this man, whom I'd been thinking about over Christmas break, wanted to do something outside of school with me! As I talked to my mom, I told her that I was all fluttery and couldn't stop smiling. I was so thrilled! She was excited for me too and wanted to hear all about it after I got back.

Chili's was nice. We had a great time. The one thing I remembered most was what a gentleman he was, opening doors and making sure I was taken care of. As we got our meals, he proceeded to pray. It touched my heart. I don't remember what we ate, just that it was absolutely wonderful! That day was the beginning of several more days spent together, getting to know one another. We sat next to each other during chapel occassionally, had lunch when we could and tried to find each other during free times we each had. Our friendship was growing so special to me.

A few weeks later, another friend of mine had to take me home for some medical tests. During this drive, this friend of ours tried so hard to convince me that Jeff was head over heals for me! I wouldn't believe it, I thought he was just being friendly, I didn't think he liked me in that way. Then this friend told me about some things I didn't know. He told me that Jeff wasn't happy that he was the one taking me home, Jeff would try to get out of class before he would just so he would be sure to have the seat next to me at chapel. There were a couple other things too, though I don't remember them all. He finally convinced me to call Jeff as soon as we arrived at my parents house. When I called him, I heard a concern in his voice I wasn't expecting. I was, again, taken off guard by this man. That weekend, I took some time to contemplate what was going on.

When I got back to OC, Jeff wanted to take me to WalMart for something (once again, memory has left me here). He was so sweet! I had to be on crutches for a few days and he helped me with so many things.

Somehow I won some tickets to the nearest mini golf and game place. I asked Jeff to go with me. I suppose this was our first offical date. I'm pretty sure it was WPA week at OC. I remember that it was because I was so glad that during the week I was supposed to pay, I didn't have to pay for this one, cuz I had the free tickets! How silly was that. Poor college kids, right!? Ha! Anyway, we went and had a great time. We were the only people there on the golf side. It was the middle of February!!!! I decided to take him on a date to mini golf in February, in Oklahoma! Maybe in Phoenix, but not Oklahoma!!! It was so fun though. We were on at least the 4th hole when Jeff was saying something to me. I couldn't understand him so I went over to where he was and asked him to repeat. When he looked up at me, our faces were inches from each other. As I think back to it, it seems slow motion. He looked at me, I remember his eyes, beautiful! He just stared. I waited and then said, "What was it you were saying?" Silence. Seconds (seemed like a while) of silence, then he stuttered and said, "uh, I guess I was just distracted."
Okay, at this moment, in a movie, the guy would have grabbed the girl and kissed her, or the girl would have leaned in for a kiss. But no. Not me. I had no clue, I was so oblivious (still oblivious as to how much he liked me) and turned around and bounced back to my spot, saying, "Okay!" That was it, our supposed to be first kiss! But the later times were all worth it, and so was the real first kiss.

Oh, you might be thinking this was for Valentine's Day, but it wasn't. As I think about it now, I'm pretty sure this date was more toward the end of February. I was hoping he'd ask me out for that night, but instead he went off to Tulsa to meet up with his brother and sister at a workshop up there. As I found out later, he told them both that he was pretty sure he'd found the girl he wanted to marry. His sister questioned him and wondered if this really could be. As a great big sister should do, she told him to be careful. She is a wonderful woman!

So, after our little date at the mini-golf, we began spending more and more time together. The night that defined it all, when we finally called ourselves a couple is one I'll never forget. But, that's a story for next time!

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