Saturday, March 28

Winter Storm of the Year

It crippled Denver and was said to dump around 2 feet of snow in southwest Kansas. It hit New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas yesterday. This was the largest area of a snow storm I have seen in a very long time (maybe ever). At the beginning of the week, I had heard around town that there was something coming on Friday and we were going to get some snow. I laughed inside, saying to myself that we had such a beautiful spring week the week before, surly this wouldn't be that bad. Wednesday night, I heard someone at church saying we were supposed to get 4 inches!

Real quick, to preface this, we've dropped cable and we don't have antennas yet, so we just see a lot of static and we just aren't watching that much television any longer.

So, I told Jeff and we checked out the weather websites and discovered Wednesday night, that we were predicted to get 8-10 inches of snow here! Other stations were saying 4-6. It has gone up and down all week. Yesterday I watched the internet radar and saw this storm knock on our door and then fissle up. There was still a large area behind it and the action for us was going to begin at 2 o'clock this morning. We were actually looking forward to the snow, one last play and another chance at a good snowman this year. People all over town covered flowers and parties were cancelled for today. Even Jonathan's last game of the year (which happens to be a make-up from the last snow we had) was cancelled for today. We've been watching outside and on the radar, this storm is loosing it's punch, space, and turning into rain. Our city is right on the line of where this storm is fighting itself. So far all day today, we've had rain and the occasional sleet.

UNTIL NOW. We were just about to sit down to lunch and Jeff said to look outside. The largest flakes I've ever seen were coming down! I couldn't get the camera in time, it happened pretty fast. But now, the ground is covered in a layer of white and the snow is falling. From the look of this radar, we could be in this for several hours now. I wonder what will happen!? How many inches will we actually get???

Well see!....

...2 hours later
The snow's still coming down and we have about an inch so far! Doesn't look like it's going to stop soon. Hmmm...

...6 hours after the snow began...
Well, it's just about over. Alex, Adie and I went outside for a while and ended up building a snowman! Woohoo! Actually, it's a snowgirl! While we were putting her together, Adie said that she should be a girl because the last one we made was a boy. That was Jack frost from January 2007. Jo has been sick the last couple of days and so today he stayed inside, since he gets pnemonia easily. But tomorrow, we will all stand with our snow girl and have our first family snowgirl picture with Alex!
The total for snow here was only about two inches or so. Not that much, but enough for a snowman!

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