Tuesday, March 17

And they don't even know it...

I've got a secret... Shhh... don't tell them.

I've got a picky eater. Seriously, doesn't like meat, most veggies, and nearly everything on the table. Does like sweet foods, fruits, and carbs. The other two are semi picky. So naturally, I worry about what I serve at the table. Don't we all?

Well, recently my beloved sister shared her secret with me. Deceptively Delicious. Oh boy, is it wonderful! Secret ingredients in all recipes! These are pureed ingredients so they are not even recognizable. I had already been pureeing food for our baby and this was nothing new for me. All I had to do was add it in to foods that I figured my pickiest would go for.

A few days ago I made a white lasagna. I wasn't sure about it, but wanted to give it a try. This was made with chicken and a butter sauce with pureed yellow squash. It turned out fabulous and was a hit to the entire family. For the first time ever the pickiest ate seconds and nearly a complete third serving of this dish. My heart skipped a beat and jumped for joy! I get a thrill out of sneaking things into their diet that is chock full of nutrition for them and I love the added value of the food I'm serving at our table. Not once has the question - Mom what is this? come out and neither have they refused any of it. I've served protien packed mac-n-cheese, spinach stuffed green-eggs-and-ham (Dr. Seuss was a fun addition to this one), sweet potato pancakes, and other fabulous dishes of foods my kids won't eat (or so they think);). There are more on the way.

This has been a hit, and they don't even know it!

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Anonymous said...

I've heard that cookbook is pretty successful for picky eaters! Congrats on conquering it. I think my mom wishes that cookbook was out when my sister and I were young and VERY picky eaters. :) -- AT