Saturday, March 21

A Fun Spring "Break"

Yes, I put quotes around break. I just don't think we could call this last week a break! There was still much learning involved, even though we didn't crack open the school books. We went to the zoo, nature centers, the lake, Powell Gardens, our co-op, Jonathan's science class, and a Dairy Farm field trip! This week was so busy but so much fun!

The dairy farm was great. We got to see the whole process of how milk gets from the cow to the jugs in our grocery stores! I was unable to snap a lot of photos, only a couple, it was so crowded and holding on to Alex was quite a challenge. We got to taste some interesting flavors of milk - banana, strawberry, orange, root beer, and chocolate. The milk was great! No growth hormones, and fresh from that morning! It really was a lovely day.

Powell Gardens was great, it wasn't full of flowers yet, but it sure was a pleasant walk. And the lake was beautiful.

Jonathan is enjoying his science class (home school science lab at a local nature center). So far they've learned about eggs and compasses. There are three more weeks for this one.

I took Adie and Alex to the zoo during Jonathan's class and that was fun! I had Alex in a back-pack and Adie in the stroller (poor little ladie gets so tired walking the zoo). We have a membership so it's nice to go and just see a few things and then know we can come back anytime we want for free!

Our bird feeder is great. I believe we will have to get some more as time goes on. The whole family is getting a lot out of watching all that's going on. We do have a theif of a squirl coming along these days, so we'll have to figure that out. And this week, a new bird decided to grace us with his presence. It looked like a sparrow, but red like raspberry juice! I looked it up in the field guide and discovered that it was a male Purple Finch! I've never seen one before and they truly are beautiful!

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