Tuesday, January 6

Another New Year!

I honestly love a new year! new bwginnings are so exciting to me. even though we are only movin to a new house in the same town I feel like it's another fresh start. Today the water company is turning on the water, the phone company is transferring all our info to the new address, the owner of the house is finishing up all the pre-move work, and Jonathan has his first lesson of the year. I can't write too much. I'm actually writing from my phone (totally cool!) the computer and internet are switching to the house! I hope you are all having a great year! Have a great day!

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Amanda said...

Hi friend! I haven't commented in awhile, but I am still reading. I hope everything is going smoothly in the new house. I would love to see pics! If you guys get cold and want a warm vacation, you are welcome at our house anytime! :)