Saturday, December 20

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

This is the most wonderful time of the year!

Receiving cards from friends and family is exciting. (Side note here, we ordered our cards this week - a picture of the kids. They will be here just in time to send them out for the new year!)

Favorite things that have been happening over the last few weeks:

Alex took his first steps at my parents home the day before Thanksgiving! He's still a little wobly but he's coming right along!

Jo is growing up, he's becoming such a big kid.

Adie has really matured. She often asks me what she can clean up. She likes to take those disinfecting wipes and clean in the kitchen. She loves to pretend vaccuuming, and to sweep the kitchen.

Crafts with the kids this year have been extra fun.

We've been making cookies for friends in town.

Constantly telling Alex to take his hands off the tree!

Seeing family at Thanksgiving.

My sister coming here for Christmas.

Watching the first snowflakes of the year.

Listening to Jo play his fiddle and get better every week.

A new house practically dropping in our laps!
~Yes, we will be moving! Long story short:

New neighbors moved in a couple months ago and we'll just say things haven't been easy with them there. Lots of things the kids shouldn't be hearing and lots of smoke coming through the walls.
We kind of looked around, but with little luck. Everything was too expensive or just had a deposit put down. We had decided to just stay, especially since it's looking like we won't be here more than 1.5 - 2 years. Well, after we returned from our trip to NM, we received a call from a man we had contacted a few weeks earlier and he had a house to tell us about. It's closer to work, $50 cheaper than what we're paying now, and a little more living space. It was impossible to pass it up! Oh, and it's a house, not a duplex, NO worries about who we could share a wall with.

So, our tradition continues, we move during the winter.
Still one of my favorite things (now believe that or not)! ;)

To whomever still reads this blog, thanks for stopping by. With the laptop slowly fading out, and the desktop in our room, it's too much for me to write everyday. I rarely check email anymore. But I do think about all of our friends daily!

Well, time has come for me to sign off. Jeff took the kids out this morning and will probably return shortly. I still need to take my shower for the day!



Amanda said...

I'm glad you finally updated us. I have been wondering if you had given up on blogging.

I can't believe you are moving!! I'm glad it will be to a better place. Hope it all goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's been so long!! Maybe I can come visit the week after Christmas. Sounds like you've had a lot of fun! :) Congrats on the house! -- AT