Wednesday, November 19

Jesus Loves Me

Recently I did a search for as many verses to this song that I could find. My findings were pretty neat, I found seven, five of which I had never heard before.
Then I got an idea! It would be so neat to see how many verses of Jesus Loves Me we can come up with. Leave a comment with one or two verses you know (not including the chorus) and then, I think it would be fun to come up with one original. I'm trying to compile as many verses as possible and would love the help!


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Tereasa said...

This one is our families favorite: (You've heard me sing more. I'll send them if you'd like.)

Let's tuck you in,
Turn out the light.
Now it's time to
say goodnight.
God is watching over you.
He keeps us safe
the whole night through.

Yes, Jesus love you...
Sleep tight,
I love you, dear!
(in place of The Bible tells me so.)