Thursday, July 3

Happy 4th Eve!

Okay, so, I've been pretty terrible about keeping you all updated on our 12 weeks of summer fun. Truth is, we've had so much going on! I started a blog (in text) after we got home from Nashville and I haven't even finished it yet. This week has been camp week and we've loved it. Right now, Jeff is out back (it is 11:45 pm) in our tent with Jonathan and Adie. Yes, they are asleep! We thought it wouldn't work, but it is! I would have stayed, but Alex is in his crib and I just felt too wierd having him in here alone. We had the monitor, but I just had to stay in here. Anyway, the reason I'm on is I just had to write about what happened a little while ago.
So the three of them are out there sleeping (on the night before the 4th - what were we thinking?!), our neighbor came home. Usually the car they drive is very loud but this time, it was so quiet! It sounded to me as if they might have been trying to be quiet. Maybe they had an idea with the tent out there (no privacy fences here) that people were sleeping there! I was happy when I heard the car turn off. Within 5 minutes, I heard them, the fireworks. Ahh! These weren't just crackers. I heard the hissing and the crackling and saw the lights. Before I realized it, I was standing outside the door (I really don't remember getting up to go to there!). There they were, flashing up into the sky. I thought the kids would be screaming and crying from startling (I probably would have after being asleep). But it was quiet. I went over to the tent. Adie and Jeff woke up but Jonathan was still out! Adie was fine and actually excited to see them!
Funny family.

Well, I suppose this should be all for tonight. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow!

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Tereasa said...

Oh, sounds like fun! I would have woken up to watch the fireworks, too.

Give the kids a kiss for me!