Saturday, January 5

Good morning!

Right now, it is 7:06 A.M. and I'm sitting here watching the news (something very rare anymore). Alex woke us up at 4:30 and he ate for about 45 minutes. Jeff spent some time with him and then took him back up to bed. Jeff has gone back to sleep and all the children are off in dreamland! Meanwhile, I spent some time doing the laundry. Yesterday, I discovered several clothes for Jo and Adie that I had forgotten about. They both have some hand-me-downs that seem brand new! It was like Christmas for me to open up that box and find all these wonderful winter clothes and Adie was excited about it all too! There is a purple sparkly shirt that she can't wait to wear. She didn't want to go to bed without it! I've got that in the dryer right now, it should be dry soon. There were a couple pairs of jeans for Jo and lots of long sleve shirts - that was so nice to find because he is really growing right now. We've been noticing that his pants are becoming high-waters! And he got a "new" pair of shoes (looked brand new) which I discovered was completely necessary. I had him try them on and that is when I found that his shoes we got this fall for school are completely torn up! He hasn't gone through shoes that fast before and I never thought to check them out and he hadn't been complaining about them. I felt so bad and I told him that he should tell me if his shoes are getting torn up so that I can take care of him. He then said, "Mommy, you do take care of me!" What a guy, so sweet. While doing all of that, I filled up two large trash bags with clothes that we need to pass on to someone and I know that today (given the time) I will fill up at least one more, maybe two! Alex is already growing out of things too. He sure is a big boy!
It is hard to believe that we've already hit 7 weeks! I have to keep thinking about it, to really catch on to how old he is. At one month, he was 9 lbs 5 oz. I can't wait to see how much he weighs at 2 months. I'm thinking probably 11 pounds for sure. He's got chubby cheeks, and three rolls on this thighs! He is beginning to loose his hair, I see strands of it all over the place. The first few weeks were a little tough with getting him off to sleep for naps and night time, but things are awesome now! He cries for just a few minutes at first but he soon drifts off for about an hour each time (and is still sleeping through the night - woohoo!)! His systems are working incredibly well, so many diapers a day! He definitely has some of the same mannerisms as his big bro. He seems just as serious as Jo did as a baby, but he is definitely more relaxed. He started talking to me yesterday and it is so cute! He is very quiet though. He just listens to everything going on. Sometimes, it seems as though he's laughing already. His smiles are huge and so cute. I actually caught one on camera that I need to upload. I'll run down stairs and get that done here in a little bit (if no one wakes up). Something that has really taken Jeff and me by surprise, refuses to take a binki. Only a couple of times has he decided to let one enter his mouth and calm down. Most of the time, he gets more mad and pushes it out with his tongue. I've heard people say that their baby refused the binki but I've never seen it - until now. That will be kind of nice, something we won't really have to think about taking away!
Well, I've been on for about 20 minutes. Precious minutes are flying by. I should get downstairs and switch over the laundry and try to upload that picture. Then, I need to rush and take a shower!
Hopefully soon I can begin to read all of your blogs! We sure hope you are all enjoying a great start to the new year!

Oh, I have yet to get a great shot of all the kids to send to everyone. I hope to find the time soon to get something sent out to the family and all our friends. I had planned on getting something out before Christmas, but I didn't even think about how much of my time would disappear! Now, it's coming back (extremely slowly), and I'll be able to get that done soon.

Until next time...
Love to you all!

Well, it is now mid-day and I am finally able to come down stairs and upload the pictures! Here is the one of Alex smiling so good. And after looking through all the pics, I think I found one that we will be able to send to everyone without spending so much $$ at the studio! Enjoy the smiles!
I like to call him Alexsmile!


Tereasa said...

Oh my goodness! Is he a Green or what? At first I thought he looked just like Jonathan. Now I think he looks a little different. What a looker! Sendy, I can see so much personality in him. I think you have a fun one on your hands!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! He is so big!! I can't believe it. :) I hope you all have a great week! -- AT

mannamomof3 said...

Oh, Sendy! I need to get a sponge because my heart just melted and my eyes are puddling all over the place. He is so beautiful!! I can hardly wait until I can kiss those cheeks.

Holly said...

What a cutie! :)