Friday, January 11

Crazy city driving!

Thank you all for the sweet comments on Alex's pictures! He is getting bigger and I cannot wait until we go in for his next check-up on the 24th this month. It will be cool to see how much he weighs!

Got on to check movie times. We haven't taken the family out in a while and so we are going to go check out the Veggie Tales movie. Sounds like a cute one. ;)

Earlier today Adie, Alex, and I went to get some needed items down in KC. Jeff said that I should blog what happened. ... I had to take I-70 to get there (not an interstate that I like to take). Getting close to the down-town area, I came upon a pretty slow car, so after checking all my spots to make sure it was safe to pass, I proceeded to get into the passing lane. Getting nearly into the lane fully, I glanced in the rear-view again and someone was switching lanes and going super fast. I was already there and couldn't switch so I had to gas it (and could tell that the one behind us was putting on his brakes). As soon as I could get back into the other lane, this person passed and I then realized that it was time to get in the lane for my exit coming up soon (a mile or two). Just as I got into that lane, I saw some construction arrows (there were no warnings of this what-so-ever) and some men running in the lanes! As I drove by, it was clear that they were patching up a hole. There were about 15 cars in the group I was driving in and those men running in and out of the lanes nearly caused a wreck! I could tell that no one really expected to see what we did. Luckily we were all watching, but it sure would have been nice to have a warning of some kind before we got right up to them, and it would have kept them safer! So, moral of the story - be careful driving in big cities! You never know when you'll see people doing crazy things on the interstates!

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