Friday, July 6

July is in full swing!

It is hard to believe that today is only the 6th of July! It feels as though we've done enough for July to nearly be over, but I'm so glad it's just beginning! That means we have so much more of July to enjoy! How exciting!

Tuesday we began celebrating this fun month by making 4th of July necklaces and then we had some fun with "free art" time. I say free art because I set out several things and gave them each a piece of paper and let them be as creative as they wanted to be. It was great to see how different their pictures turned out. They were great and it was so fun!

Wednesday was fantastic! We enjoyed a fun cookout with several people from church for lunch. Then we all took a nice nap before devo that night. After going to church, we headed out to post for the fireworks show. We were all looking forward to it and had some good fun just watching the kids run around in the park. When the show finally started, it was pretty big. In fact, it was the biggest both of us had seen. We loved it! There were a few times that I wondered if it was the end, but when it came, you knew it. We couldn't believe how beautiful it was! Yesterday, Jeff told me that was the reduced budget show! Imagine that!

Yesterday, the kids and I got out and did some walking around down at the Ledgends. That was nice. Then we decided to find out about the T-Bones! They are the local minor league baseball team. Turns out they are having games here this weekend (well, most of the week) so we decided to be spontaneous and try to go to a game last night! It worked. We drove out there, realizing we might not get in, but we did! This was Adie's first game and I think the first one Jo would remember. We took him when he was really little. They both had a great time and Jeff and I just loved the fact that we were able to go and at such a great price! So, we've had the art, fireworks, baseball games, and then...

Today I took the kids to the pool with a friend of ours. It was fantastic! I was really nervous about it, but we did great. The baby pool is awesome. It only goes to 1 ft. So both kids handled it well. I enjoyed getting out with a friend and Jo made new friends too! I think we definitely plan on heading back that way! Jo wants to take Daddy tomorrow. We'll see.

I imagine we will enjoy more of these activities this month and will probably break out the popcicles and ice cream too! Don't forget the cookouts on the grill that we love and the continued trips to the farmers market. Oh, I love July! We also plan on keeping up the walks at the track and trips to the parks, zoo, and even Science City! Wow, it sounds like July is shaping up to be so fun! Yay!

After such fun at the pool today, Adie is sound asleep up in her bed and Jo is chilling with some quiet time. It's great.


Tereasa said...

Happy Birthday Sis! yes, you were born in a very fun month! Sounds like you're living it to the fullest!!

Amanda said...

Wow! That's exciting!! You guys are having a great time! I'm glad you are feeling up to it. I'd love to see some pictures if you got any good ones.

Jeff and Sendy said...

As far as pictures go, I'm keeping them mainly in the photo album link over on the right side. I've got to get the June and July pictures off of the camera! Ha! I might post a few pictures on the blog. As far as last week goes, I forgot the camera at the cookout, but a friend shared some with us. We got a few at the fireworks. I'll get pics of thier artwork. We didn't get any at the baseball game (there will be other times) and I wasn't about to take any at the pool our first time, I was too chicken! We plan on going again this week, so I'll take some then.