Monday, January 15

News and Such...

Hello everyone! Good day to all! Happy January 15th! We are in the midst of quite a storm. Well, it really isn't all that bad. Starting Friday, we have had freezing rain, sleet and a tiny bit of snow all weekend. We were hoping for it to change to full snow on Sunday but that didn't happen. However, this morning Jeff woke me up and said, "Look out the window! We have snow!" So, I looked and it was snowing! The kids are very excited and we are all getting ready to head out and play in the snow! This will be the first time in two years! Yipee!

Now, for the news! Our house down in Killeen is under contract! Last week we had quite an excitement in that arena! Tuesday night, our realator called and told us that we had an offer on the house. It wasn't as good as we were hoping, but it was something. This offer was 3,000 less than our asking price and (something customary in Killeen) they want us to pay their part of the closing costs. We had two emotions: excited for the offer and yet disappointed that it wasn't better. So we continued our prayer for God to provide what we need to sell the house. After only having the place for just a year, we knew we'd be out of pocket, but we didn't want to be out that much! The next day, Jeff got to work trying to get things in order and figure out what we could do. And that evening in Bible class, (there is a ladies class on Wednesdays that I've been going to) I requested prayers for God to guide us to make the right decisions. Thursday came around and we were just about ready to call our agent and give her an answer of what we had decided. I was out with the kids and she called me! She asked if we got her email (I haven't been on the computer as much so we hadn't). She told me that she had some interesting news. We had received another offer on the house! This one was a little better and so we had something to consider! We decided to go ahead and counter both offers to see what would happen. Well, we didn't have to do that. Our agent called the first agent and told him that we had another offer come to the table. Okay, to finish up this story - God has blessed us so richly! The first couple came back with a second offer. They bumped thier original up to 1,000 more than our asking price, but still needed us to take care of closing costs. This would definitely help us out! They want the house so band and are ready to close by the end of the month! We are so excited about this. Now, we just have to wait to see if the appraisal comes in just right, and if it does we are set! Just to explain about the closing cost deal (I know that may be very strange to most of you), most people moving into Killeen are young and in the military. They don't have a lot of money saved up but have the means to afford a house payment. That is actually the very situation we had moving into Killeen but we didn't know about the customs there. That is why we were separated for two months, to save money for closing. So our arrangement is just fine. From what we heard about this family, they sound a lot like us. We are excited to see them fill the spot we left in the neighborhood.

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