Friday, February 19

The First Kiss

(Our Love Story continued...)

We had decided, unofficially, that we definitely wanted to spend the rest of our lives loving each other. We had plans of going ring shopping, but that would come later. We were nearing the end of the school year and we didn't want to announce any sort of engagement before Jeff spoke with my Dad. Well, those were mainly Jeff's feelings, he wanted to talk to Dad before even asking me. I knew my parents approved. But he wanted to be formal! We enjoyed so many wonderful moments together. One walk, (it wasn't anywhere special, just outside the dorms out close to the old gym) as we moved forward, dreaming about our future, I noticed the flowers in the grass. They were tiny, but beautiful! There were what seemed like thousands of these beautiful tiny flowers in the grass, and they were purple. The purple and green together was so vibrant and such a wonderful combination to me. On that day, before we announced any engagement, before the ring was even on my finger, we decided on green and purple for our wedding colors. My dreams were coming true! And they were becoming more and more sweet by the day...

Worship services were great that Sunday morning. I was worshiping my Savior sitting next to the second love of my life {after Christ that is ;) }, I was on a double high!

After church let out, Jeff decided he wanted to take me to Jimmy John's (greatest burger place in the OKC metro!). I loved it! I was excited, giggly, bubbly. We were listening to the radio and one of my favorite songs came on (I'm pretty sure it was Footloose). I was singing along, dancing, just like girls do. Meanwhile, Jeff was talking about something. Finally, he stopped and said he'd finish after the song that I probably hadn't heard a single word he said. I stopped right there and told him no, I had heard it all and repeated back to him word for word what he had said. Never again did he question whether I was listening to him. (wish I could still do that!) His jaw dropped and we had a good laugh out of it.

When we pulled into the parking lot, he sat there and stared at the steering wheel. Then he looked at me. He told me how much he loved everything about me. He loved it when I sang in the car, he loved my silliness, he loved ME! Then he looked at me real seriously, and said, "Sendy, I wanna kiss you bad!" I had wondered why he hadn't kissed me yet, but it wasn't that important to me. There we were, sitting in the parking lot (I still remember what parking space it was - second row back, four spaces in) about to have burgers for lunch, our first kiss!

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