Thursday, August 20

I was just writing a post about our long vacation and then my computer did something and everything was lost! I have no idea how long it had gotten, but I'm going to have to write it all again!
Things are going great. We've been to Canada, we've seen 7 states. We've started school. Jonathan is now signed up for Cub-Scouts. We are considering gymnastics for Adie. Alex is keeping us all on our toes. Still no word on our move, but it will come sometime! Don't worry, we'll put the word out when it comes. Things are going great though. Keeping busy, but good.

Hope you all are doing fine. I'll try to write that blog again soon. I've been writing for twenty minutes and so it'll take some time to get it all back, but I'm tired and need to train myself to get to bed earlier now. I'm still on vacation mode! I've got to get disciplined again!

Love to you all.

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