Thursday, July 23

A Garden Mistaken for Weeds

Those wretched weeds! Those nasty things are growing in my yard again! That field has been let go for too long, look at that over growth!

Look how beautiful they are! So many colors, so many beautiful designs. God gave us many wonderful natural gardens for us to enjoy!

I love driving or walking around and viewing all the beautiful wildflowers God has graced the earth with. Just two blocks from here, there is a small field that had so many wonderful flowers growing in it (well, the variety wasn't that large, but the amount of flowers was abundant)! Jonathan and I actually had gone in there and looked at several of them. It was refreshing to the soul to enjoy those with him. Then just a couple days ago, we drove by there and it is all gone. Every bit of it has been mowed down. Sure I get it, we need to control overgrowth and it will most likely grow back. But will it? It was so beautiful! Not only did we see several flowers, but the deer enjoyed walking through there and munching on the vegetation. Now it's gone, absolutely gone. I miss it.

I wrote this last month and just realized that I haven't posted it yet!

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