Wednesday, February 6

Germs, Germs Go Away!

All of us have been down with something for the last week now. Jo had pnemonia on his birthday (so glad we celebrated the weekend before!), and was out of school four days. I got a touch of it on Wednesday and was out with a fever and chills. Now Adie and Alex both have bad colds. I took them into the doc on Monday, I was concerned about them having what Jo did. Thankfully, both of their lungs sound fine. No fevers in either of them yet. Lets pray it stays that way. The last thing we want is for anyone else to get it.

We sure hope all of you are able to stay healthy this winter.

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Tereasa said...

Sendy! I am a horrible big sister!! I can't believe I missed Jo's birthday! You tell him that his Aunt has been out in left field, but loves him very much and will call him as soon as she gets her head back on! Gabe's been dieing to talk to him about the Super bowl, anyway.

Give your kids hugs and kisses for me. You know, that Alex reminds me of Sam sometimes. I think they could have a lot of fun together!