Wednesday, February 27


Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great evening! --> sleeping hopefully. ;)

I do want to tell you about our trip to AZ, but it is entirely too late for me to be on, I will say real quick that it was fabulous! I truly enjoyed getting to meet all the people from nF. The president of the company (A) flew everyone in the offices from KS and FL for the weekend and we had a great time in Sendona. Alex sure flirted with all the girls and Jeff said a few days ago that they are still talking about him in the office! I wish you could all see how much he smiles. I've never seen a baby so happy and smiling so much, really. Right now, I will post a few pictures and hopefully be back to write about it another time soon.
Good night.

Alex's first flight! Suck, baby, suck!

Lunch with a few nF people in Sedona at Tlaquepaque.

Just one of the beautiful sights of the red rocks at Sedona.

A visit to Montezuma Castle (between Phoenix and Sedona). Awesome place to see history.

Fascinating, amazing, and beautiful Saguaro Cactus. (sa-whaor-o) I learned that there is no "g" sound real quick! There were so many! It was like a forest. Wait, isn't there a national Saguaro Forest??? (I think so) ha! This was just north of Phoenix.

Just a couple of views outside the office in AZ.

Thank you Jeff and Ruthie for taking a few of these pictures! Thank you for sharing your tallent!

And thank you A for bringing us all to AZ for a wonderful weekend. We are looking forward to the next "nFo-Con!"


Tereasa said...

Hey Sendy! I have been thinking that I need to call and hear about your trip. I'm glad you posted the pictures. They're beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sendy,
I'm so glad that your trip went well. Alex is getting so big. I can't wait to hear more about your trip :)

Holly said...

You guys look great in the pic of the 3 of you together. Alex is growing fast!