Sunday, November 25

It's about time...I know!

Sorry, everyone! Jeff just didn't get to the computer at all in the last ten days. It's been . . . well, busy! The last ten days have all kind of melded together for me, so for now, all I am going to do is post the long-awaited pictures! As the week gets going (Jeff gets back to work tomorrow) and our schedule and routine starts to normalize, I'll be writing about all I can remember.

He's an angel and we are all so happy he's here!

I'm about to run out of time, he's about to get hungry again! But here are a few things for now: he was 7 lbs, 8.9 oz, 19.5 in long; is very used to his brother and sister, sleeps through all of their noise!; is already beginning to sleep 6 hours at night and is such a joy!

I hope to be back this week with stories about the last week and how it all progressed in the hospital.

Have a great evening everyone. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! And, Happy Holidays!
Time to get ready to feed the boy... :)

Thursday, November 8

Up and Down and Round and Round

At the beginning of the school year, we set out to try making our Friday nights more fun. We've done several different activities from renting movies to football games, baseball games to playing hard in the back yard or parks, or games at home. It really has been a great semester so far! Last Friday, we decided to head to a mall to just hang out and do some window shopping, and we ate in the food court (something we haven't done in so long). As we were walking around in this mall that we don't frequent (it's about a 30-45 min drive for us to get to) we saw some really neat things. One that we saw was a carousel! This thing was huge - two levels! Usually we don't say yes to things like this, but it was Friday night! ALL of us got to get on! Both kids really enjoyed the ride. When we started going, I had forgotten about this little part, but the animals started going up and down! As we were going, Adie was pointing out lots of things, but the one thing I remember her saying is, "Around and round and round and round and round and round!" It was all I could do to hang on and keep her from falling off! As she was saying this, Jeff and I said, "Yes, up and down and round and round!" Oh my, what a ride, up and down and round and round - and nine months pregnant! Even Jeff got a little woozy! Jonathan loved it. He's been on two pony rides this fall and now a carousel!

Wednesday, November 7

The Last Push-up!

I've just finished reading blogs of our family and friends. Boy do I miss all of you! I'm also sitting here, and I can't believe that in one week, I will be preparing to go to the hospital! Unbelievable! So many things are going through my mind, but then again, I have no idea what! I haven't even packed the good ol' bag yet. Yikes!
We adopted a cat Saturday. We called our land-lords a couple weeks ago and they said that since we've been good tenants, they trust us! It is so fun! We love our Binx and the kids are so happy! She is all black and so fun! She is a very good and well trained 6 1/2 month old. She is quite the eater too! We've got to be careful not to feed her too much!
Well, Adie and I have lots to take care of today.
I'll TRY to post pictures before we go next week. I have no idea after that when I'll post again, but hopefully Jeff will get on and post about the baby!
Have a great end of the week!