Sunday, November 25

It's about time...I know!

Sorry, everyone! Jeff just didn't get to the computer at all in the last ten days. It's been . . . well, busy! The last ten days have all kind of melded together for me, so for now, all I am going to do is post the long-awaited pictures! As the week gets going (Jeff gets back to work tomorrow) and our schedule and routine starts to normalize, I'll be writing about all I can remember.

He's an angel and we are all so happy he's here!

I'm about to run out of time, he's about to get hungry again! But here are a few things for now: he was 7 lbs, 8.9 oz, 19.5 in long; is very used to his brother and sister, sleeps through all of their noise!; is already beginning to sleep 6 hours at night and is such a joy!

I hope to be back this week with stories about the last week and how it all progressed in the hospital.

Have a great evening everyone. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! And, Happy Holidays!
Time to get ready to feed the boy... :)


Tereasa said...

Boy, does Alex ever look like his brother!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you send me the pic(s) you took of me holding Alex? :) I would love to have a copy. Too bad we didn't get pics of me with all the kids and you too! Maybe next time. I had a great time. Thanks for letting me crash at your place. :) -- AT

Tanya said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family. He looks absolutely gorgeous!!

Holly said...

We had to do a double take, Adie is so beautiful! WOW! Jonathan's so handsome as well. Looks like Alex is a beautiful little guy too. You guys are really blessed.