Thursday, April 5

Already 5 days in!

Well, looking at the calendar today, I saw the 5 for April. Cannot believe it. There is nothing significant about April 5. But, that it means March is gone, and April will be too, before we know it. It also means we are 11 days away from our first prenatal appointment! Jonathan is so excited about this baby. He says he really wants to have a brother so the baby can sleep in his room. Ha! Wow, I would have never thought he would want the baby to sleep in his room! When Adelaide cries, he says, "Mommy, I don't like crying!" He is going to be such a great big brother! He is such a sweetie to me too. He likes to jump to my door in the car before I get it open and he says he wants to help me out because I'm pregnant. How cute is that!
Last Saturday, we went to the Kansas City Speedway for an early Easter Egg Hunt! That was quite a day. The place was packed full of people. We had only heard about it that morning from our neighbors, so by the time we went, the lines were already building for the hunt and we didn't have time to do any of the rides. But that was okay. They had sectioned out a grassy part of the inner field in the middle of the track. The sections were for different ages. It went from baby to 5th grade. So, Adie and Jonathan were in two different places, but it was nice that the little kids didn't get trampled by the bigger kids! Both kids got a lot of eggs and had so much fun! It was cold and windy so we ended up leaving pretty quickly after the hunt was over.
Going to the speedway was awesome! Jonathan has a huge interest in Nascar (after getting into the movie Cars last year) and it was awesome for him to be able to walk on the same track that all those cars drive on! He was sure excited! It was a great experience for us to go there. We would love to take him to a real race someday, and it would be nice to do that while we live here, but have you seen the prices of those tickets? Check out and look at April 28th, to see. Unbelievable!
We don't have any real plans set for this weekend, but I'm sure it will be a nice day. I'll be adding an album at our immage station account for the speedway day so hop on over there to check those out! (The link is over on the right, up a little bit)
You all have a terrific wekend!
We'll be back in touch.


Anonymous said...

They did get a lot of eggs! It looks like it was really windy too! I know what you mean about time flying by. It goes so quickly!


Tereasa said...

YOu take such beautiful pictures! I think you have a lot of talent with the camera.

Rebecca said...

So how did your appt. go?