Tuesday, June 29

The Summer Love: Camp!!!

This week, we are preparing for our oldest to go to camp on his own for the first time! I have found myself experiencing those "first-time-mom jitters." It's been quite a while since I have felt this way. I'm so proud of him and I know he will do fine, but I'm still nervous! This week, he needs to get new shoes and some good rain gear. Looking at the forecast for the area, it might rain quite a bit that week! That's another thing that makes me nervous, he's so frightened by them. Hopefully, they will understand his fears.

This camp is one that I went to a couple of times as a child. Camp is always so much fun! Some things I remember about this camp:

the creek
night hike
fun food
"Get your elbows off the table" song
the mountain!
bunk beds in the cabin
tallent night
bible class
morning calisthenics
making friends

I can't wait for him to come home and tell me all about it!


Mandi said...

I hope he has a great time at camp! Sounds like your camp was MUCH more fun than mine ever was! :)

Holly said...

How was it?

Jeff and Sendy said...

He did great. He loved it! He came home without a voice though. That tells me he had a wonderful time. I'll write more about it later.