Saturday, February 28

The house

Well, I know everyone has been curious about the new place. Here is a picture of the front of the place. We quite like it. It snowed last night and this morning and left us about 3.5 inches to play in! I'll also post a few of those as well.

The snow was too fluffy today to build a snowman, but maybe we'll try tomorrow after it's settled a little while. We'd like to get one good one in this year! This was fun for make-shift sledding!

Saturday, February 21


I know, creative title. I just wanted to get on and write something.

I've just unpacked two or three more boxes. It feels nice to be getting back to normal.

Today has been pretty busy. We had to take the van in to get a new battery at 9(failed the test last week), Jonathan had a basketball game at 10, then we went to pick up the van, had lunch then headed to KC to get something at Mardel, take my phone in to get fixed and load up for the next two weeks at Sam's.

Shopping at Sam's is fun. The kids like the samples and I like knowing that we probably won't run out of these things in the middle of the week, therefore not having a trip to the store alone with three kids looming over my head. I just think it is so fun!

The basketball game was fun today, but some of these kids are getting so serious about it and they are only in 1st and 2nd grades! I felt sorry for the ref too (who we happen to know), so many of the parents and even one of the coaches were yelling at her. Honestly I thought she was doing a great job. She was helping these kids stay within the guidelines and helping them learn the game! It's the first year for a majority of these children and to learn from anyone is great.

Well, unfortunately, my time must end. Please pray for Alex. He is having night terrors right now. We are all handling it well, Adie and Jonathan are sleeping through them and Jeff and I know kind of how to deal with it, but I just feel so sorry for the little tike.

I'll write again when I can. OH, and my cat, Fudge says hi! (She's sitting right here watching everything move on the screen.

Later all!

Wednesday, February 4


I really shouldn't be writing at this moment in time, but I've got to have an escape. I miss everyone so much! Anyway, instead of getting into some sappy sad, woe is me blog, I'm going to just say what's going on right now.

Jonathan and Adie are out back running around pretending to be horses. That is Adies BIG thing right now, she loves horses and her room is decorated in pink with horses all over! Jonathan loves sports and loves to just play with his sister. Alex is into EVERYTHING! He throws temper tantrums, spits his food out of his mouth (all of it), however he does eat anything (except tomatoes so far). Climbs the furniture, is faster than the speed of light, and he's heading out the back door right now, hang on...

Okay, I'm back...

Wait, he's already back there! AHHH!!!

Okay, now he's playing with some toys...maybe I can keep him occupied! (For a minute)

Anyway, he loves to climb the furniture, stand up in the bath, jump in his crib, climb the stairs whenever the gate is opened. His words right now are: ma, dada, more, cheese (which I'm working on turning into please too)

Oh, he's back at the door!

Oh, he says up (pup), ball, round (for the fan), fan (it comes out in a quick "fa". He meows like our cats, tries to bark like a dog, throws balls, and gets very jealous when anyone is giving me attention of any kind. He won't sit still for a book (maybe one page before it's in our face). He started walking at 12 months and the other two walked at 16! He really keeps me on my toes. Oh, other differences - in food: he loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (the others don't), he only occassionally eats mac-n-cheese (the others want it at every meal - litterally), he likes cheese burgers, raw carrots, shredded cheese, broccoli, salad, grapes, apples, bananas, and LOVES ice cream, and cookies. If it looks interesting he'll try it. And than includes even the non-food! EVERYTHING goes to his mouth (even the floor at one point, but I think we've passed that). He's never still for a diaper change, except for last night when he slept through it. He loves to laugh.

You know, it still amazes me how different he is from his siblings. We know that everyone is different, and no two people are the same. When Adie joined our family, we quickly saw that she was the opposite of everything Jonathan was. Now we say that Alex is the opposite of everything they are! Just as different as the hairs on their heads, is the differences in who they are. Jonathan is our serious child, Adie is our sensitive child, and Alex is our silly child.

Well, I've seriously gone over the time I should have taken to write this. It's just been so long. Wish me luck tonight, I'm going to try and make pretzels with the kids in their Bible class.